What is international poverty line class 9?

What is international poverty line class 9?

The international poverty line is a monetary threshold under which an individual is considered to be living in poverty. It is calculated by taking the poverty threshold from each country—given the value of the goods needed to sustain one adult—and converting it into dollars.

Which of the following is not considered a social indicator of poverty?

literacy level is not considered as a social indicator of poverty.

Why do social scientists look at poverty through a variety of indicators?

Since poverty has many facts , social scientist look at it through a variety of indicators . Social scientists have looked poverty through many social indicators.By illiteracy level,lack of general resistance,lack of health care that leads to malnutrition.

Who are the members of vulnerable groups?

Vulnerable populations include the economically disadvantaged, racial and ethnic minorities, the uninsured, low-income children, the elderly, the homeless, those with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and those with other chronic health conditions, including severe mental illness.

What are the major social groups which are vulnerable to poverty?

(a) The social groups which are most vulnerable to poverty are scheduled caste and scheduled tribe households. (b) Similarly, among the economic groups, the most vulnerable groups are the rural agricultural labour households and the urban casual labour households.

Which groups are the most vulnerable in India?

Answer: The social groups which are most vulnerable to poverty are scheduled caste and scheduled tribe households. (b) Similarly, among the economic groups, the most vulnerable groups are the rural agricultural labour households and the urban casual labour households.

What are main features of poverty?

There are at least nine dimension of poverty need to be considered, such as: (1) inability to meet the basic needs (foods, clothes, and shelter); (2) low accessibility to other basic needs (health, education, sanitation, clean water, and transportation); (3) inability to do capital accumulation: (4) vulnerable to …

What are vulnerable sections?

The vulnerable groups that face discrimination in all spheres of life include Women, Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Children, Aged, Disabled, Poor migrants, People living with HIV/AIDS and Sexual Minorities. Sometimes Page 3 3 each group faces multiple barriers due to their multiple identities.

Which two social groups are most vulnerable to poverty?

The social groups most vulnerable to poverty have been identified to be the scheduled caste households and the scheduled tribe households with both these groups having above average levels of poverty indicators in the rural and the urban population.

What are the indicators of social development?

The main social indicators of development include education, health, employment and unemployment rates and gender equality, and this post introduces students to the specific indicators which institutions such as the World Bank and United Nations use to measure how ‘developed’ a country is, and the main indices which …

How do you identify poverty?

Poverty is measured in the United States by comparing a person’s or family’s income to a set poverty threshold or minimum amount of income needed to cover basic needs. People whose income falls under their threshold are considered poor. The U.S. Census Bureau is the government agency in charge of measuring poverty.

Which of the following factors make casual Labourers the most vulnerable section in society?

Casual labourers are among the most vulnerable in society as they have no job security, no assets, limited skills, sparse opportunities and no surplus to sustain them. Poverty is, therefore, also closely related to nature of employment.

What are the signs and indicators of poverty?

1) Food Deprivation– Body Mass Index of 18.5 or below (underweight). 2) Water Deprivation – access only to unimproved source such as open wells, open springs or surface water or who have to walk for more than 15 minutes to their water source (30 minutes round-trip).

Who are the socially & economically vulnerable groups in India explain?

Scheduled Tribes: The Scheduled Tribes are landless and usually face discrimination. In India, their population is around 84.3 million and is considered to be socially and economically disadvantaged. They are socially, economically & fundamentally isolated. They are very poor, illiterate & have no assets.

Who are educationally disadvantaged group?

These include districts with different religious minorities including Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, etc. Under the prime Minister new 15 point programme, the targets, allocations and performance of RMSA in these districts would be monitored. Of the various religious minorities, Muslims are the most educationally backward.

What are the 4 main types of vulnerability?

The different types of vulnerability In the table below four different types of vulnerability have been identified, Human-social, Physical, Economic and Environmental and their associated direct and indirect losses. The table gives examples of types of losses.

What are some social indicators of poverty?

Prevalent factors like illiteracy levels, lack of general resistance due to malnutrition, lack of access to health care, lack of job opportunities, lack of access to safe drinking water, sanitation, etc., are the social indicators of poverty as seen by social scientists.

What are the major features of poverty class 9?

The main reason for poverty is overpopulation and underemployment. The increasing prices of the commodities and low per capita income are the reason for poverty in India. Due to the high level of poverty, there is an increase in illiteracy and unemployment.

What are the two indicators of poverty class 9?

Poverty is looked through social indicators like:

  • Illiteracy level.
  • Lack of general resistance due to malnutrition.
  • Lack of access to health care.
  • Lack of opportunities.
  • Lack of access to safe drinking water.
  • Lack of access to safe sanitation facilities.

Which are the socially disadvantaged groups Upsc?

The vulnerable groups that face discrimination include- Women, Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Children, Aged, Disabled, Poor migrants, People living with HIV/AIDS and Sexual Minorities.

Who is considered economically disadvantaged?

Economically disadvantaged individuals are socially disadvantaged individuals whose ability to compete in the free enterprise system has been impaired due to diminished capital and credit opportunities as compared to others in the same or similar line of business who are not socially disadvantaged.

Who comes under vulnerable group?

Children, pregnant women, elderly people, malnourished people, and people who are ill or immunocompromised, are particularly vulnerable when a disaster strikes, and take a relatively high share of the disease burden associated with emergencies.

What are the main causes of poverty class 9?

What are the causes of poverty? Explain in at least 5 points

  1. Increase rate of rising population:
  2. Less productivity in agriculture:
  3. Less utilization of resources:
  4. A short rate of economic development:
  5. Increasing price rise:
  6. Unemployment:
  7. Shortage of capital and able entrepreneurship:
  8. Social factors:

What are two poorest states in India?

Orissa, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh are the three poorest states in India with their people living below the poverty line being 47, 42 and 37 per cent respectively.

Which one of the following is not the indicator of poverty in India?

Lack of positive political inclination is not a cause of poverty. The government has been running targeted anti-poverty campaigns and has taken measures to uplift economic growth. Others are causes such as economic development suffered during the British administration.

What are the different indicators used to study poverty?

In addition to income and market-basket indicators, indicators based on the level of education, health status, geographic region, clothing, housing, food security and social inclusion provide a portrait of poverty closer to reality.

What are socially disadvantaged groups?

Introduction. The Socially Disadvantaged Groups include the Scheduled Castes (SCs), the Scheduled Tribes (STs), the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) and the Minorities. According to the 1991 Census, SCs account for 138.23 million (16.5 percent); STs 67.76 million (8.1 percent); and Minorities 145.31 million (17.2 percent) …

What are the indicators used by social scientist?

social scientists use different types of indicators to understand poverty. The most commonly used indicators relate to the levels of income of people and their consumption of goods. Poverty is also observed using other social indicators like lack of education,healthcare,sanitation and safe drinking water.

What is RTE disadvantage group?

As per Section 2(d), a child from a Disadvantaged Group (‘DG’) includes children with disabilities, those belonging to Scheduled Caste (‘SC’) or Scheduled Tribe (‘ST’), and those part of any ‘socially and educationally backward class’ as may be specified by the notification of an appropriate Government.