What is Funan mall known for?

What is Funan mall known for?

Once known as the one-stop shop for all things IT, the mall now has a lot more lifestyle offerings and is kitted out with features such as a cycling path, a climbing wall, a futsal court and an urban farm.

What is inside Funan mall?

Funan has a state-of-the-art theatre, a fitness centre with a swimming pool and outdoor deck, an indoor cycling track and more within its mall. From iconic malls along Orchard Road to the crown jewel at Changi Airport, Singapore has no shortage of malls (shopping is our favourite pastime, after all!).

How old is Funan mall?

37Funan / Age (c. 1985)

How tall is Funan mall?

25-metre tall
A seven-storey green wall adjacent to the Kinetic Wall, measuring 33 metres in height, adds another point of visual interest. Extending from Basement 2 to Level 4, the 25-metre tall majestic Tree of Life is the design centrepiece of Funan.

Is Funan under CapitaLand?

More than 30% of Funan’s brands are new to CapitaLand’s portfolio.

When was Funan mall built?

1985Funan / Opened
History. The mall opened in January 1985 as Funan Centre as a general shopping centre, which provided more options for shoppers to shop at other than Orchard Road. In the early 90s, the mall began to attract a critical mass of electronic and IT retailers over the years.

Who owns Funan mall?

CapitaLandFunan / Owner

Which MRT exit to Funan mall?

The Underground Pedestrian Link directly links from Funan Basement 2 to the City Hall MRT station.

Which MRT exit to Funan?

The closest MRT stations to WILD RICE @ Funan are City Hall (on the North-South Line) and Clarke Quay (on the North-East Line). Both stations are within walking distance to Funan (City Hall – approximately seven minutes away; Clarke Quay – approximately 10-15 minutes away).

Is there underpass to Funan?

Funan Mall’s Underpass To City Hall MRT Opens In Dec, Will Shelter Pedestrians Straight To B2.