What is duplex board made from?

What is duplex board made from?

Made out of 100% wood pulp, a Duplex board has a bleached lining on one side. Duplex board, which is also known as Grey back or White back duplex boards, is a form of paperboard or cardboard with a double-sided grey or white color. Since it is made up of two layers, or plies, it is referred to as duplex board.

What is duplex paper?

Duplex printing means that you can print on both sides of the paper with your printer either automatically or manually by turning the paper over after the first side has printed.

What is duplex board commonly used for?

Duplex board is tough, thin and able to take on a bright white appearance, unlike common corrugated cardboard. It is commonly used to create boxes for a variety of small goods. For example, it is often used in pharmaceutical packaging.

How is paperboard made?

Manufacture of paperboard requires similar processes to paper manufacture: pulping, optional bleaching, refining, sheet forming, drying, calendering, and winding. Paperboard can be fabricated on different machines, with the fourdrinier and cylinder machines being the most common.

What can be made from duplex board?

Manufacturing uses of Duplex and Triplex Board

  • FMCG industry.
  • Industrial packaging.
  • Match shells.
  • Garments packaging.
  • Corrugated box packaging.
  • Toys and game boxes.
  • Pharmaceutical cartons.

What are the characteristics of duplex board?


Board Properties
Duplex board Cheaper than white board, available with different finishes (metallic, holographic etc.)
Solid white board Top quality, range of thicknesses, excellent to print on
Foil-lined board Expensive, good quality, aluminium foil lining, excellent barrier against moisture

What is GSM in duplex paper?

White Duplex Paper Roll, For Packaging, GSM: 150 GSM.

How many layers does duplex board have?

Two layers

Board Physical properties
Duplex board Two layers of card bonded together
Foil-lined board White card with foil backing
Inkjet card Bright white and smooth on both sides
Solid white board Smooth on both sides

What is paper board made of?

The term paperboard is a general term that is descriptive of products which are 0.30 millimetre (0.012 inch) or more in thickness, made of fibrous materials on paper machines. Paperboard is commonly made from wood pulp, straw, wastepaper, or a combination of these materials.

What is paperboard made up of?

Paper-based packaging — products like cardboard, paperboard, shipping sacks, and paper bags — is made from renewable resources (recycled paper fiber and trees) that are replanted to ensure a sustainable supply. These products are also the most-recycled materials, by weight, in the United States.

How many layers does a duplex board have?

As their names suggest, duplex and triplex board consist of two or three layers, each layer made from recycled paper pulp. They are commonly used in the FMCG sector and for industrial packaging and corrugated packaging.

Where is duplex paper used?

The duplex paper board is mostly used for packaging box purposes of lightweight items like pharmaceutical items, medicine boxes, cigarettes, food packaging, shoebox, garment packaging box, cosmetic packaging box, etc.