What is dual scan processor?

What is dual scan processor?

Dual Scan Document Processor (DSDP) As the name implies, this type of document processor uses two scanners built into the feeding system: The 1st scanner is embedded into the document feeder and scans your documents as they are fed into the copier. The 2nd scanner is embedded in the copier (to the left of the glass)

What is a dual scan document feeder?

Machines that utilize Dual Scan Document Feeders have two scanners embedded within their structure. This means that unlike RADF copiers, DSDF machines can quickly scan or copy both sides of a double-sided page at once without the need to reverse the page. The first scanner is embedded into the document feeder itself.

What is a single pass document feeder?

A DADF is a single-pass document feeder as it can scan both sides of a page simultaneously, meaning the page must only pass through the feeder once.

What is DADF and RADF?

There are two kinds of document feeders capable of two-sided (duplex) scanning: a reversing automatic document feeder or RADF scans one side of a page, then flips it and scans the other side. A duplexing automatic document feeder or DADF scans both sides in one pass.

What is dual scan printer?

Duplex scanning is a feature of some computer scanners, and multifunction printers (MFPs) that support duplex printing. A duplex scanner can automatically scan a sheet of paper on both sides. Scanners without this capability can only scan both sides of a sheet of paper by reinserting it manually the other way up.

Is ADF useful in printer?

An ADF is a great feature to have when used properly. It gives you the ability to feed several pages into a multifunction printer, scanner or copier, allowing you print print, copy or scan multiple pages at once without having to manually insert each piece of paper.

What does dual pass 2 sided ADF mean?

This means – a double sided page will be read on BOTH sides of the page in one SINGLE PASS through the feeder.