What is D3O foam?

What is D3O foam?

D3O® Recycled Foams comprises two grades of D3O® Zero™ materials and are the latest material innovation from the impact protection experts at D3O. D3O® Zero™ has been designed to protect the things that matter while innovating the manufacturing process to reduce waste.

What is D3O used for?

D3O® can offer impact protection because it instantly becomes more viscous whenever a sudden shear stress is applied. One of its biggest uses is in protective knee and elbow pads. In its normal state, D3O® behaves as a fluid, flowing easily.

Can D3O stop a bullet?

ARE D3O® MATERIALS BULLETPROOF OR STAB PROOF? No. To date, D3O has focused on soft armour and materials suitable for blunt trauma impacts. These materials in isolation are not bullet or stab-proof.

Is d30 armor any good?

The current D3O works as well in jeans as any armour currently out there, but the new stuff is lighter and thinner. It folds around the knee when you’re on the bike such that you barely know you’re wearing it. But because it’s flat it’s particularly easy to wear when you’re off the bike and the armour drops a little.

How is D3O harmful?

D3O isn’t currently biodegradable or recyclable, and its synthesizing process is toxic. D3O is a rate-sensitive, soft, flexible material that has high shock absorbing properties, so it could be used in impact protection products – sportswear, motorcycle gear, phone cases, armor etc.

Can you wash D3O?

WASHING / DRYING // D3O® protectors are wipe-clean only, using a damp cloth. NEVER use cleaners or detergents on or launder your D3O® product. This may result in irreparable damage and will severely reduce the effectiveness of your D3O® product.

What is D3O gel?

D3O® absorbs and dissipates the energy from impacts, reducing the amount of force that gets transmitted to your body compared to standard foams. Each one of our broad range of D3O® technologies is tailored to solve a specific problem or need in sport, motorcycle, electronics, defence and industrial workwear.

What is d30 impact protection?

How do you clean d30 pads?

Can you trim d30 armor?

The D3O isn’t too easy to cut, though mostly due to its thickness. Keep any large-enough leftover pieces. You can use two to make another set of custom motorcycle hip armor for casual riding pants.

Can you wash d30 pads?

The structure of these new knee and elbow pads use an abundance of mesh fabric to optimize airflow and breathability. That also makes them easy to dry after a wash – and yes, these 661 Recon knee and elbow pads are machine washable.