What is CSSD family Services CT?

What is CSSD family Services CT?

CSSD Family Services (Civil and Criminal) assists courts and clients to resolve family and interpersonal conflict. Family Civil Court services assist the Court and clients to resolve family and interpersonal conflicts with negotiation, mediation, and evaluation and education services.

Can you drink on probation in CT?

They are allowed to search your home, without a warrant, to make sure there are no weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol or any other forbidden contraband. A probation officer can also require you to submit to a DNA test, again without a warrant.

Can you leave the state on probation in CT?

Can I go out of state? You may not travel or move out of state without permission from your Probation Officer.

What are the levels of probation?

There are two levels of probation – Standard and High levels of supervision.

What happens if you violate a restraining order in CT?

Any criminal violation of an order of protection which involved the imposition of restraint upon the protected party; or threatening, harassing, assaulting or sexually assaulting the protected party is a Class C felony punishable by up to ten years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000.

Can I change a court day?

Option One – Apply To Court To Change The Court Hearing Date This requires a court form to be sent to the court with a court fee. Some Judges will consider this type of request without a hearing but others may list a hearing so the Judge can hear both parties’ views.

What is probation offender?

The object of Criminal Law is more to reform the offender than to punish him. Instead of keeping an accused with hardened criminals in a prison, Court can order personal freedom on the promise of good behavior, and can also order a period of supervision over an offender. This is what we generally call as ‘Probation’.

How long does a protective order last in CT?

Generally speaking, it is effective for 6 months from the date of the hearing. A victim/applicant can request that the restraining order after the hearing be extended when the 6 months is about to run out. They must file a motion to extend and the respondent must again get notice.