What is cranberry Stilton?

What is cranberry Stilton?

Crumbly fresh White Stilton made from locally-sourced milk is blended with the great taste of succulent cranberry for a rich, fruity flavour. A sweet and crumbly cheese which is perfectly matched with a glass of Riesling. Serve on digestive biscuits for a sweet taste sensation.

How much is white Stilton cheese?

The brainchild of Long Clawson Dairy located in Leicestershire, England, their white stilton gold was produced as a holiday exclusive. At $400 per pound and as the name suggests, this soft white cheese—a lesser known cousin to the ubiquitous blue cheese—is made using actual gold.

What is the cheese with cranberries in it?

Wensleydale is a historic fresh, mild cheese made in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire since 1150 by Cistercian monks. These monks continued to make the cheese until the dissolution of their monasteries in 1540.

How do you serve white Stilton cheese with cranberries?

Perfect for adding colour and interest to an after-dinner cheese board, our White Stilton with Cranberries is also delicious crumbled over a salad, enjoyed as a dessert cheese or simply paired with a glass of bubbly or fruity ale.

What is white Stilton cheese like?

White Stilton is a crumbly, creamy, Cheddar-like cheese and is commonly combined with a variety of fruits and citrus. It is a great treat for dessert and makes a beautiful addition to any cheese plate.

What is apricot Stilton?

White Stilton is blended with dried apricots to combine the mild, fresh flavour of cheese with succulent fruit pieces for a wonderfully sweet and fruity flavour. The milk for White Stilton comes from local farms and goes into production within 24 hours. It is an excellent dessert cheese served with White Zinfandel.

Which cheese is expensive?

Pule Cheese
Pule Cheese – $600 Per Pound Pule cheese is the most expensive cheese in the world because it is produced exclusively at Serbia’s Zasavica Special Nature Reserve. This rare cheese is made from the milk of Balkan donkeys which are endangered and native to Serbia and Montenegro.