What is Bobby Hurley salary?

What is Bobby Hurley salary?

Arizona State

Year School Total Pay
2020 Arizona State $2,455,000
2019 Arizona State $2,355,000
2018 Arizona State $2,105,000
2017 Arizona State $1,305,000

What happened to Bill Frieder?

Bill Frieder, who only last week denied with characteristic vigor that he was going anywhere, resigned as Arizona State’s basketball coach with three years remaining on his contract.

How old is Bobby Hurley Jr?

Hurley Birthday Age / How Old?: 49 years old as of 2020.

Where does Bobby Hurley’s brother coach?

Arizona State University
His brother Bobby Hurley is a former Sacramento Kings guard and the current basketball head coach at Arizona State University. He is family friends with Anthony “Coach” Zingalis….Dan Hurley.

Current position
Born January 16, 1973 Jersey City, New Jersey
Playing career
1991–1996 Seton Hall
Position(s) Point guard

What is Tommy Lloyd salary?

Tommy Lloyd Net Worth in 2021 The former assistant coach of Gonzaga has been there for 20 seasons. He is one of the highest-paid assistant coaches with a salary of roughly $1 million.

Did Bo Schembechler almost leave Michigan?

After losing the Rose Bowl to USC, Schembechler said he would stay in Ann Arbor. “I will never be far away from Michigan,” Schembechler said. “I will always be available for consultation. I will forever be a Michigan man.”

Who did Steve Fisher replace?

Just before the 1989 NCAA Tournament, Frieder announced that he would leave Michigan for Arizona State at the end of the season. Michigan athletic director Bo Schembechler ordered Frieder to leave immediately, and named top assistant Steve Fisher as the interim coach for the tournament.

Are Dan Hurley and Bobby Hurley related?

He has been coach at Arizona State since 2015. Dan Hurley left URI and was named coach at UConn in 2018. Each coach has a son on his team and, therefore, a nephew on the other’s. Bobby Hurley is a 6-foot freshman guard for Arizona State.

Is Bob Hurley Sr still coaching?

Bobby is currently the head coach of Arizona State.

Did Herm Edwards get fired from Arizona State?

“Despite rumors circulating that a move will happen today, Herm Edwards will remain the head coach of ASU football. Herm and AD Ray Anderson spoke with the team yesterday morning.”