What is a torque spring in braces for?

What is a torque spring in braces for?

The Anterior Root Torquing Spring Auxiliary (ART®) device is a pre-formed torquing auxiliary which is an out-of-the box solution to provide lingual or labial torque to the maxillary or mandibular anterior teeth.

What is orthodontic torque?

Torque is the force that enables the orthodontist to control the axial inclinations of teeth and to place them in the harmonizing positions that are so desirable for a nicely finished result. Torque is the force that gives the operator control over the movements of roots of teeth.

How do you torque your teeth?

In clear aligner therapy, to torque a tooth is to move the tooth buccolingually around the centerpoint, so the crown and root move in opposite directions. It is the twisting force which is traditionally required to adjust the inclination of a crown.

What is orthodontic auxiliary?

Orthodontic auxiliary practice is a subset of dental hygiene practice that involves implementing orthodontic treatment plans prepared by a dentist or orthodontist, by performing orthodontic procedures and providing oral health education and advice on the care and maintenance of orthodontic appliances in accordance with …

What does a torque spring do on a moped?

The spring presses against one half of the rear pulley, pushing it toward the other half of the rear pulley and applying pressure to the sides of the belt. Stiffer springs put more pressure on the pulley and ultimately the belt which can be useful if you’re experiencing issues with belt slip.

Can Invisalign torque teeth?

Conclusion. Incisor torque, premolar derotation and molar distalization can be performed using Invisalign® aligners.

What is Hollywood smile in orthodontics?

The Hollywood Smile is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that corrects all aesthetic problems related to the smile. The procedure focuses on the use of Dental veneers to hide all dental problems. From discoloration, to chipping, and misalignments. The results are very natural looking and have an extensive longevity.

What is a key role for dental auxiliaries?

In general, the assistant is expected to prepare patients for dental treatment; to prepare materials and equipment for use by the dentist, including sterilizing and laying out instruments; to know instrument and equipment nomenclature; and to keep records of appointments, examinations, treatments, and supplies.

What do denturists do?

Denturists are primary health care providers who specialize in oral prosthesis (full and partial dentures and dental implants). Together with other health care professionals, they assess, design, make, repair and insert complete and removable partial dentures. They also diagnose related problems.

What variator weights should I use?

The lower the engine capacity, the lighter the roller/slider weight. While a 150cc scooter might use roller/slider weights between 10g and 15g, a 50cc scooter is more likely to be best with weights between 4g and 8g , while a 250cc scooter will usually use weights in the 12g to 20g rance.