What is a standard Cochin?

What is a standard Cochin?

The Cochin is a single comb, feather legged variety that originated in China. Cochins are known as wonderful mothers and for their ability to brood other birds’ eggs. They are also cold hardy, quite friendly, and full of feathers. There are three to four colors of Cochins in this great assortment.

What does a black Cochin rooster look like?

Appearance. The Cochin is a large bird and with their fluffy feathers these chickens seems enormous. Their feathering is full and soft and not tight like a Rhode Island Reds’. From the side they look like a heart shaped fluff ball.

What is a blue Cochin?

Blue Cochin Standard Chicken This Blue Cochin Standard has a blue tint to its feathers, but it’s also notable for its large size and fluff of feathering and feathered legs. You can expect this breed to lay small or medium sized eggs, and the hens do well raising chicks and going broody.

What is a black Cochin?

Black Cochin chickens are a beautiful coal-black color. Cochins are heavily feathered from tip to toe. Their fluffy, downy feathers give them a massive and bulky appearance. Cochin chickens date back to the late 1800s. These large, Asiatic breed originated in China and was called the Shanghai.

Are Cochins good layers?

They are not great layers, but they make fabulous pets and lap chickens. They are well suited for children as they are friendly and extremely mellow, even the roosters. They can become very tame and tolerate a wide variety of situations.

Are Cochin roosters aggressive?

Cochins are calm, friendly birds. Even the roosters are known for being fairly mellow. The boys rarely get aggressive, mean, or quarrelsome. However, the bantam boys are not so mellow – they can be feisty, aggressive, and fight for territory.

Is a Cochin a bantam?

Cochins are the most popular of the feather footed legged bantams and one of our best sellers. To help ensure a safe arrival, the minimum number of Bantam chicks for any chick order is 15. A very popular variety that has a very soft golden buff color throughout.

Are Cochins nice?

Are Cochins quiet?

Cochin. These large and quiet birds are also a heritage breed. The massive puffy balls of feathers are absolutely lovable, so much in fact, the Queen of England once kept them as pets. While they are quiet and adorable, they are only mediocre layers.