What is a good sentence for traitor?

What is a good sentence for traitor?

She has been called a traitor to the liberal party’s cause. He was a traitor who betrayed his country by selling military secrets to the enemy.

Who burned New London?

General Benedict Arnold
On September 6, 1781, British Brigadier General Benedict Arnold, a former Patriot officer already infamous and much maligned for betraying the United States the previous year, adds to his notoriety by ordering his British command to burn New London, Connecticut.

What is the sentence of ghost?

Ghost sentence example. I think I saw a ghost , in the hall! I could feel a cold sweat passing over me like a ghost at a séance. The ghost of innate ideas seems to be all that it had left.

How do you use pamphlet in a sentence?

a brief treatise on a subject of interest; published in the form of a booklet.

  1. The scholarly monographs were published as pamphlet.
  2. The pamphlet went out in 6000 copies.
  3. These materials have been digested into a handy pamphlet.
  4. Over a thousand copies of the pamphlet have now been given out.

What is a traitorous person called?

Traitor also applies to a person who betrays his country by committing treason: turning against his own government, perhaps by selling secret information. Definitions of traitor. a person who says one thing and does another. synonyms: betrayer, double-crosser, double-dealer, two-timer. types: Judas.

Who won the Battle of Groton Heights?

Facts about the Battle of Groton Heights Edmund Eyre and consisted of about 800 Soldiers. Casualties – American casualties were estimated to be 85 killed and 60 wounded. British casualties were estimated to be 52 killed and 145 wounded. Outcome – The result of the battle was a British victory.

What ghosted mean?

Ghosting — when someone cuts off all communication without explanation — extends to all things, it seems. Most of us think about it in the context of digital departure: a friend not responding to a text, or worse, a lover, but it happens across all social circumstances and it’s tied to the way we view the world.

How do you use guilty in a sentence?

Guilty sentence example

  1. The men are as guilty as she is.
  2. The old man feels he is guilty , but cannot change himself.
  3. She glanced up at them, a guilty look on her face.
  4. You brought our man closer to being identified than anyone else so you should kiss off any guilty feelings.

What is the synonym of pamphlet?

Synonyms of pamphlet

  • booklet,
  • brochure,
  • circular,
  • flyer.
  • (also flier),
  • folder,
  • leaflet.

What is in a pamphlet?

Pamphlets may consist of a single sheet of paper that is printed on both sides and folded in half, in thirds, or in fourths, called a leaflet or it may consist of a few pages that are folded in half and saddle stapled at the crease to make a simple book.