What is a GHD heat resistant plate guard?

What is a GHD heat resistant plate guard?

@ghd on Twitter: “@molly_lyon That’s our protective plate guard, it protects from the heat once you’ve switched your styler off so they can be packed away much quicker 😘” / Twitter.

Are ghd plates supposed to touch?

If your straightener is of a high quality (like ghd are) the heat will be evenly distributed between the plates so you don’t have to squeeze them together to generate the heat your hair is after. You will be able to create shiny, pin straight hair easily without your ghd plates touching!

Do ghd plates wear out?

‘ Well, even though they’re electrical, one expert says that hair straighteners can and do expire – and you should be replacing them much more frequently than you might expect. If the heat indicator light constantly flashes on your set of straighteners, this could also be a hint that they’re on their way out.

What kind of plates do ghd have?

The plates are made of aluminum which is used because it has powerful heat conducting properties – four times better than steel. The aluminum is coated with a thin layer of an advanced ceramic coating, which helps the plates glide smoothly through the hair and leaves hair looking shiny.

Why won’t my ghd straighteners heat up?

A faulty thermistor can also cause the irons to be completely dead. Not a problem with the irons exactly, but if the irons are too cold when they are switched on you will get a continuous beep and flashing light and the irons will not heat up. GHD call this a feature and say it is to protect against damage occuring.

Does ghd have ceramic plates?

Aside from the color, this hair styling tool makes use of express ion complex technology that guarantees that your mane will look healthy and shiny even after being exposed to concentrated heat. Its ceramic plates measure at least 1.25 inches which I think will work even on those who have thick, coarse hair.

Why is my hair straightener not heating up?

Check the power cable and make sure that it’s not damaged. A frayed cord is an electrical hazard. If your iron’s cord is frayed, stop using the appliance immediately and contact an authorised service agent. Make sure the temperature adjustment knob is set above the MIN position.

Are ghd ceramic plates?

ghd original They use floating ceramic plates and advanced heat control to glide through your hair at exactly 185°C; a temperature chosen because it’s been scientifically proven to produce long-lasting straight hair without causing undue damage to individual strands.

What do you do when your straightener won’t heat up?

  1. Make sure that your appliance is plugged into a working outlet.
  2. Check the power cable and make sure that it’s not damaged.
  3. Make sure the temperature adjustment knob is set above the MIN position.
  4. Once you plug in your iron and adjust the temperature, the thermostat indicator should light up.

Does ghd have a lifetime warranty?

There is some false information out there that ghd offered a lifetime guarantee with their straighteners, this is not true so be careful before simply returning your product to the manufacturer as they may not be able to repair the older straighteners and we hear they may charge to have them returned to the owner.

Are ghd straighteners ceramic?

Further down the range of products, the GHD Max, GHD Mini and GHD Original all offer a single sensor and ceramic technology.