What is a Comfeel dressing?

What is a Comfeel dressing?

Comfeel Plus hydrocolloid dressings provide a moist wound healing environment and help protect the wound in the final stages of wound healing. The top film is water- and bacteria proof to help protect the wound from external factors and smooth to help reduce friction.

How do you use Comfeel ulcer dressing?

Method of use An appropriately sized dressing is partially removed from its paper backing using the tab provided, and placed on the surface of the wound using a non-touch technique. In order to ensure good adhesion to the surrounding skin, a minimum overlap of 1.5 cm from the margin of the wound should be allowed.

How long can you leave a Comfeel dressing on?

Comfeel Plus Transparent may be used for superficial burns, superficial partial-thickness burns, donor sites, post-operative wounds and skin abrasions. The dressing can stay on the wound for up to 7 days depending on the specific wound characteristics.

How do you use Comfeel plus dressing?

Method of use A dressing should be selected that provides about 2 cm overlap around the wound margin to ensure good adhesion. Using the handles to ensure aseptic application, the protective paper is removed, and the dressing placed with the adhesive side to the wound after which the handles are removed.

What is Comfeel plus transparent?

Description: Comfeel Plus Transparent is a thin and flexible hydrocolloid dressing. It can be used for treatment of no-to-low exuding chronic wounds and superficial acute wounds in the final stages of wound healing.

What is Granuflex dressing used for?

Granuflex® dressing is indicated for chronic wounds – pressure ulcers (Stage I-IV), leg ulcers. Acute wounds – traumatic wounds (minor abrasions, lacerations) partial thickness burns and donor sites.

How does Inadine dressing work?

The dressing is thin, and comes sandwiched between backing papers, from which it is peeled off. Once applied directly to a recently cleaned wound it has the ability to absorb some moisture or blood from the wound. As the iodine is used up, the dressing loses colour and becomes white.

How do you remove Comfeel dressing?

All caesarean wounds are covered with a ‘Comfeel’ dressing. This dressing is removed by the patient at home usually 3 weeks after surgery. It is best removed after a shower – lift one corner & slowly pull the dressing away from the skin. It may pull a bit on any hair but will not damage the healing wound.

When can I stop using hydrocolloid dressing?

When to change the dressing Hydrocolloid dressings usually last between three to seven days. If the dressing starts to peel from the edges before this time, it will need changing. The great thing about hydrocolloid dressings is that they keep the wound moist and protected.

How long can waterproof dressings stay on?

These dressings can be changed before you go home. You can remove the padded dressings two days after your surgery, but please leave your waterproof dressings on the skin for 10 days after surgery.