What is a breech plug on a muzzleloader?

What is a breech plug on a muzzleloader?

(Gun.) in breech-loading guns, the metal plug or cylinder which closes the aperture in the breech, through which the gun is loaded. See also: Plug.

Can I use bore butter on breech plug?

I have a Traditions Flintlock with a breech plug and use bore butter on it. I have found that it works great.

What type of muzzleloader has an electronic ignition?

The . 50 muzzle-loader, called Electra, dispenses with the beloved 209 shotgun primer, and relies instead upon electronic circuitry (see photo) that sends them volts right into the powder charge. So what you get is a no-movement trigger, lightning-fast ignition, more uniform powder burning, and less mess to clean up.

Can you use anti seize on breech plug?

Anti sieze will work. Also, teflon tape will work. If the heat and flame can get to and melt the tape around the breech plug threads – you have far larger problems. Otherwise, the heat is not a problem.

What is breech plug grease made of?

Knight’s grease is formulated with Dupont Teflon to withstand heat created during the ignition of powder and will prevent the nipple and breech plug from seizing and sticking in the barrel, ensuring easy removal of the breech plug when cleaning your black powder rifle.

How would a hunter safely unload a muzzleloader?

There are three ways to unload a muzzleloader. Unload a muzzleloader by discharging it into a suitable backstop. Do not fire into the air or into the ground at your feet in case the projectile ricochets. Use a CO2 discharger to clear the barrel.

Why is it called a muzzleloader?

Muzzleloader is the term given to early firearms because they are loaded from the muzzle or open end. Shown here are the parts of one type of muzzleloader—a muzzleloading flintlock rifle.

Should you clean between shots with blackhorn 209?

We strongly recommend using oil based solvents to clean guns using Blackhorn 209. Bore Conditioning Oil will help reduce fouling, including sabot fouling and reduces cleaning time.

Do you need a special breech plug for blackhorn 209?

“Do I need this breech plug for my rifle?” A. If you plan to use Blackhorn 209 powder I would highly recommend it. The Blackhorn 209 Breech Plug is specifically designed for CVA rifle owners that want to shoot any loose powder, not only Blackhron 209™.

When to remove the breech plug from a muzzle loader?

When a muzzle loader is in regular use removal of the breech plug for inspection and bore maintenance is classed as routine servicing. All working gunsmiths used to have a range of breech plug keys just for this task. Now this job is no longer a common occurrence for most gunsmiths.

How do you remove a stuck breech plug?

Torch the barrel moving all around to evenly heat it (all around the area the breech plug is. Mot the whole barrel). After about a minute try the plug. If it won’t budge go another minute with the torch and repeat until it comes out. And for god sake throw out that breech plug grease and buy some of this stuff from your automotive store.

How do you clean the breech of a barrel?

Then, take it outdoors and clamp it/tie it down, aimed in a safe direction – straight down at a nice stretch of soft dirt is really good – and heat up the breech-end, using a propane torch with a broad fan-tip on it, as evenly as possible. It’s going to take awhile – and the whole barrel is going to get fairly hot.