What is 2X Application Server?

What is 2X Application Server?

2X Remote Application Server allows the delivery of virtual desktops and applications from a central location, providing continuous availability, resource-based load balancing, and complete end-to-end network transparency for administrators.

How does Parallels RAS work?

Parallels RAS enables native touch gestures—such as swipe, drag, tap to click and, zoom-in—with any Windows application, making it easy to complete workloads. Moreover, With Samsung DeX, your mobile device can be transformed into a fully-fledged workstation.

Why Parallels RAS?

Parallels RAS reinforces security by centralizing and managing data access. Your customers can reduce the risk of data loss and malicious activity with policies that limit access based on user, group permissions, locations and devices.

Is Parallels a server?

Parallels Remote Application Server supports Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux devices, as well as Chromebook. Please read this article for more information.

What is 2X Client RDP?

2X RDP Client provides remote desktop and application access for any web-enabled device, including Android, Chrome OS, Microsoft Windows, Linux OS, Windows Phone, MAC OS, HTML5 and iOS devices. 2X RAS delivers Microsoft Office applications to any remote or local users on the major OSs.

What is Parallels RAS client?

As an all-in-one VDI and remote application solution that you can run in the cloud or on your own server, delivering entire Windows desktops or individual applications on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebook and any HTML5 client, Parallels RAS is in competition with cloud services like Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD).

Is Parallels Free for personal use?

Free upgrades to future Parallels Desktop versions at no additional charge. Once a new version is released, you will simply need to download it from the Parallels website. A subscription needs to be updated at the end of the subscription period.

Is Parallels safe to use on Mac?

Parallels Desktop provides a high level of security that reliably protects the Mac native operating system, macOS™, from any crashes and unsafe/harmful activities in the guest OS running inside a virtual machine.

Is parallel free for students?

The academic version of Parallels Desktop for Mac is available for enrolled college/university students via the Parallels website. The Student Edition is a discounted 1-year subscription.

What happened to 2X Software?

In February 2x Software was acquired by Parallels. Reborn has risen like a Phoenix in to what is slowly becoming virtualization powerhouse. Parallels 2X Remote Application Server has become a a very interesting product.

Why Parallels RAS over Citrix?

With Parallels RAS, you get direct access to support. And that is a great benefit. Perception is that Citrix is the only provider for Application delivery. But things are changing. Technology is advancing. Competition is advancing and even innovating. I am not saying that Citrix is bad nor that they have a crappy product.

What is parallels 2X RAS?

Paralles 2x RAS has got you covered. Not only does it has support for VDI, you can also reuse old PC’s. For example, any old Windows XP computers that are still in use can easily convert to thin clients. Parallels RAS installs special secure shell on top of Windows which makes them secure and immune to viruses.