What happens in season 5 episode 20 of Vampire Diaries?

What happens in season 5 episode 20 of Vampire Diaries?

-At the cabin, Damon and Stefan get Luke to get his stuff so they can try to run, and Damon punches Stefan in the face for killing Enzo, before walking away. -Jeremy and Bonnie go to tell Tyler about how the travelers took their body, and Tyler starts seeing his old memories, like Elena did before Katherine took over.

What were Stefan’s last words to Caroline?

Elena then sits Caroline down to tell her what Stefan whispered in her ear: “Tell Caroline I heard her,” he told her. “And I will love her forever too.” He got her message!!!

Does Caroline cheat on Stefan?

-Stefan actually did cheat on Caroline with Valerie *gasp*. -Caroline is pretending to hate Stefan to avoid danger for her and her kids. Steroline ended amicably. -Caroline is over Stefan and not really with Alaric and is going to New Orleans to be with Klaus so he can keep her and the girls safe.

Did Stefan get Valerie pregnant?

But the surprises don’t end there. You see, it turns out that shortly after their little love affair, Valerie became pregnant with Stefan’s child.

How do you support Stefan and Caroline?

Lexi, Damon, Elena and Alaric support them. Lexi thanked Caroline for keeping an eye on Stefan when she was on The Other Side. Fans refer to them as ‘Steroline’. “It’s a very slow build for them” – Caroline Dries about Stefan and Caroline.

Is Caroline’s secret safe with Stefan?

And she’s lucky to have you in her life, even if she has no idea. Caroline: Your secret’s safe with me, Stefan. Stefan: Thank you. Caroline: No, thank you.

How does Stefan Die in the book Home?

He reaches into Stefan’s chest cavity and pulls out his heart. Caroline gasps as his skin starts to desiccate, before Stefan falls to the pavement; dead. Julian leaves and Caroline hysterically rushes over to him and holds his body in her arms, screaming for help. In Home, Stefan’s body lies on a couch and Caroline cries over his body.

How did Stefan save Caroline’s life in the Rager?

In The Rager, Caroline tells Stefan how he saved her vampire life. Stefan invites Caroline to the Salvatore Boarding House and asks her if she remembers what she was like being human.