What happens if Septate hymen tears?

What happens if Septate hymen tears?

How will septate hymen affect my daughter’s sex life and fertility? After a septate hymen is successfully removed or tears on its own, your daughter should have a normal sexual and reproductive life. If a septate hymen isn’t removed, it will create infertility or provide a form of natural contraception.

How do you get rid of Septate hymen?

What are septate hymen care options? Often no treatment is required as the hymen may be torn with insertion of a tampon or with sexual intercourse. A minor surgical procedure can be used to remove the extra tissue if needed.

What does a broken Septate hymen look like?

It may also look like a crescent or half-moon shape toward the bottom end of the vaginal opening. A septate hymen is when the hymen encircles the vaginal opening and has an additional string of tissue that connects the top and bottom ends of the vagina.

Can my gynecologist break my hymen?

Tampon use, athletic activities, riding a bike and sometimes nothing at all may cause this membrane to rupture with no pain. If indeed your hymen is still intact your gynecologist will be able to see this. A speculum could then, yes, break or stretch this membrane.

What causes Septate hymen?

A septate hymen is a congenital disorder, meaning it is present at birth. It occurs when the hymen membrane does not form properly during development of the fetus. The cause of this abnormal development is not yet known.

Can the doctors tell if your a virgin?

There’s no test that a doctor can do to tell if you’re a virgin or not because virginity means different things to different people. But if you think someone may have done something sexual to you when you were drunk, high, or sleeping, that’s not okay, and it’s a good idea to visit a doctor or nurse as soon as you can.

Can a torn hymen heal itself?

Bleeding may come from small splits in your hymen or your vagina itself. The bleeding should be lighter than a period and shouldn’t last for more than a couple of days as these tears heal quickly because there is a good blood supply.