What happened to the RMS Rhone?

What happened to the RMS Rhone?

RMS Rhone was a UK Royal Mail Ship owned by the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company (RMSP). She was wrecked off the coast of Salt Island in the British Virgin Islands on 29 October 1867 in a hurricane, killing 123 people. She is now a popular Caribbean wreck dive site.

Where is the wreck of the Rhone located?

the British Virgin Islands
One of the most popular wreck dives in the Caribbean, the wreck of the RMS Rhone, laid to rest in the British Virgin Islands. Located just offshore from Black Point Rock near Salt Island, it’s easy to reach and a popular spot for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Who built the RMS Rhone?

Millwall Iron Works
According to the online database Shipwreck World, the Rhone was built in England in 1865 by Millwall Iron Works for the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company. The iron-hulled steamship was 310 feet long with a beam of 40 feet.

When was the RMS Rhone built?

February 11, 1865RMS Rhone / Launched

How many people died on the Thistlegorm?

Thistlegorm sank quickly and suffered nine casualties out of the 42 men aboard. Five of the men who died were Royal Navy personnel who were likely manning the guns on the stern, close to the impact site. The death toll would likely have been higher had it not been for the weather.

Why did the USS Kittiwake sink?

At its most shallow, the wreck of Kittiwake was 15 feet (4.6 meters) below the water’s surface and at its deepest, 64 feet (19.5 meters) below the surface. In October 2017, the wreck moved towards a nearby natural reef. It fell to its port side due to wave action from passing Tropical Storm Nate.

Who found SS thistlegorm?

Jacques Cousteau
Discovery by Cousteau In the early 1950s, Jacques Cousteau discovered her by using information from local fishermen. He raised several items from the wreck, including a motorcycle, the captain’s safe, and the ship’s bell.

Who found the Thistlegorm?