What happened in Jerome Arizona?

What happened in Jerome Arizona?

Jerome was always rebuilt. In 1918 underground mining phased out after uncontrollable fires erupted in the 88 miles of tunnels under the town. Open pit mining brought dynamiting. The hills rattled and buildings cracked… the surface began to shift and sections of the business district slid downward.

Why is Jerome AZ famous?

This former mountain mining community earned the nickname “The Wickedest Town in the West” during its heyday, when rich copper ore deposits attracted miners, merchants, madams and more to Yavapai County.

Why is Jerome the wickedest town in the West?

After Jerome’s initial peak of popularity and growth, the optimists who came seeking riches quickly turned to desperation and greed. This transition into greed and crime not only led to the “Wickedest Town in the West” nickname but also created the ghosts that haunt the grounds today.

When was Jerome AZ abandoned?

Jerome, Arizona produced over a billion dollars worth of gold, copper, silver and zinc during a period of over 70 years until the last mine closed in 1953. During the 60’s and 70’s artists discovered the decaying ghost town community of Jerome AZ It blossomed into a mecca of artists.

How did Jerome AZ get its name?

The town was named after Eugene Jerome, a wealthy financier and officer of the United Verde Copper Company. Eugene was a cousin of Jennie Jerome, the mother of Winston Churchill. Mr. Jerome never did see his namesake town.

Are dogs allowed in Jerome AZ?

Jerome is pet friendly! If you need help to decide where to stay, play, or eat with Fido, you’ve come to the right place.

Is there still mining in Jerome AZ?

As the ore deposits ran out, the mines closed for good in 1953, and the population dwindled to fewer than 100. Efforts to save the town from oblivion succeeded when residents turned to tourism and retail sales. Jerome became a National Historic Landmark in 1967.