What does the Hawaiian word Ono mean?

What does the Hawaiian word Ono mean?

as delicious
‘ONO (ō-nō) In Hawaii, it describes food as delicious. “Man, this chicken is ‘ono.”

What is a Hawaiian BBQ called?

Hawaiian Coconut Pudding what could be better? In the Aloha State, it’s not barbecue, it’s a luau, the modern word for aha aina, a gathering for a meal in ancient times. (Luau actually refers to the young edible taro leaves that are traditionally used to wrap the food.)

Is Ono Hawaiian healthy?

Review of Ono Hawaiian BBQ. Great place to get healthy, high protein food. Skip the macaroni salad and get extra vegi with chicken breasts and your golden.

What kind of fish does Ono Hawaiian BBQ use?

mahi mahi
A favorite staple in the Hawaiian diet, mahi mahi is a delicious lean fish with a delicate flavor that is eaten regularly on the islands. The mahi mahi Ono Hawaiian BBQ uses is wild caught from the Pacific, grilled-to-order and available with house made lemon pepper seasoning or teriyaki drizzle.

What is choke in Pidgin?

have a lot
I am from Hawaii, so most of the slang words that I use are pidgin. Choke means that you have a lot or a bunch of something, like I have choke Christmas presents to wrap. Bombai means that you will do something later on, like a way of procrastinating. Puka means that something has a hole in it.

What is the most popular meat in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, there is perhaps only one food that is more engrained in the island culture than pineapple – and that food is Spam. This quintessential canned ham product manufactured in Minnesota was introduced to the islands during the 1940s, and has become a wildly popular staple food across the islands.

How many calories in a mini meal from Ono Hawaiian BBQ?

380 calories
There are 380 calories in 1 serving of Ono Hawaiian BBQ BBQ Chicken Mini Meal (No Sides).

How many calories in a Hawaiian BBQ mix from Ono Hawaiian BBQ?

820 calories
There are 820 calories in 1 serving of Ono Hawaiian BBQ Hawaiian Bbq Mix.

What kind of teriyaki sauce does Ono use?

This Aloha brand teriyaki sauce is made from soy sauce, sugar, ginger, and garlic. It comes in a big bottle you can keep in the pantry and use as needed. P.S. Aloha is also popular for their soy sauce line. What is this?

Is Ono a white fish?

Ono has mild-sweet tasting flesh with a firm texture, moderate fat, and large, circular flakes when cooked. Their flesh is a beautiful white color and remains white when cooked.