What does on the block mean slang?

What does on the block mean slang?

Offer for sale, as in These paintings will all be put on the block. This usage alludes to the auction block, the platform from which the auctioneer sells, so called since the mid-1800s.

What is a head block?

Definition of headblock : a block supporting the head of something: such as. a : a part of a sawmill carriage that supports the log. b : a block of wood between the fifth wheel and the forward spring of a carriage or wagon.

What does it mean to have your head on the chopping block?

To have one’s head on the chopping block means one is in danger of being fired or being singled out for criticism or reprimand. One may put one’s head on the chopping block by taking a risk or doing something stupid.

What does keep me on the block mean?

Meaning: If someone’s head is on the block, they are going to be held responsible and suffer the consequences for something that has gone wrong. Contributor: Richard Flynn.

Is it on the block or in the block?

Senior Member. In England a block is usually one building containing apartments/flats so you live in it. In America a block can be a collection of buildings surrounded by streets and you live on it.

What does off the block mean?

or off the starting blocks. used for describing how quickly someone starts to do something. The Liberal Democrats were first off the blocks with their manifesto on Monday. succeeding in starting to do something, often despite difficulties.

Who is on the chopping block?

A person who’s on the chopping block is in danger of losing their job or getting into serious trouble. A project that’s on the chopping block is likely to be terminated.

What does it mean chopping block?

Definition of chopping block 1 : a wooden block on which material (such as meat, wood, or vegetables) is cut, split, or diced. 2 : a situation in which someone or something is threatened with elimination government programs on the chopping block.

What does cool kid on the block mean?

: someone who has recently joined a particular group I was the new kid on the block, having just been hired the week before.

Are you on the block meaning?

informal. someone who is new in a place or organization and has many things to learn about it: Realizing I was the new kid on the block in this job, I was determined to prove myself. New. a breath of fresh air idiom.

What does same block mean?

A block in most cases is the space bounded by four intersections on a grid, but when we say we live on the same block it usually means we live on the same street and the same block. Six blocks away is six intersections away.