What does Mda5 do?

What does Mda5 do?

The MDA5 protein plays an important role in innate immunity, the body’s early, nonspecific response to foreign invaders (pathogens) such as viruses and bacteria.

Is Mda5 a pattern recognition receptor?

Mda5 is one of the three pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) that recognize cytoplasmic viral ligands. Teleost Mda5 is widely conserved among several fish species and possesses the same structural domains as those seen in their mammalian counterparts.

Is MDA5 genetic?

MDA5 (melanoma differentiation-associated protein 5) is a RIG-I-like receptor dsRNA helicase enzyme that is encoded by the IFIH1 gene in humans. MDA5 is part of the RIG-I-like receptor (RLR) family, which also includes RIG-I and LGP2, and functions as a pattern recognition receptor capable of detecting viruses.

How rare is MDA5 dermatomyositis?

Clinical Spectrum in Adults of the Dermatomyositis With Anti-MDA5 Antibodies. Anti-MDA5 DM is a rare disease representing less than 2% of IIM in Europe (3).

What does a positive MDA5 mean?

Clinical characteristics of MDA5-positive dermatomyositis. DM is a rare autoimmune disease characterized by skin involvement, striate muscle inflammation which may include the upper oesophagus and possible damage of internal organs frequently marked by the presence of autoantibodies [23].

Is MDA5 a gene?

What are the symptoms of MDA5?


  • Fast developing lung manifestation (and breathing difficulties)
  • Ulcerations (wounds) and panniculitis (adipose tissue inflammation) in the skin.
  • Swollen hands. Often with wounds. Knots in the palms.
  • Arthritis (inflammed joints)
  • Mouth ulcers.
  • Alopecia (hair loss)

What is MDA5 positive?

Abstract. Anti-melanoma differentiation-associated gene 5-positive dermatomyositis (MDA5+ DM) is a rare autoimmune disease predominantly reported in East Asia. MDA5+ DM is an intractable disease with impressively high mortality due to rapid-progressive interstitial lung disease (RPILD).