What does it mean to shuttle someone?

What does it mean to shuttle someone?

(Specific persons or places are sometimes expressed.) to move or pass someone or something from person to person; to move or pass someone or something from place to place. My phone call was shuttled from person to person.

What is the use of shuttles?

Shuttlecock (also called as birdie) is a sports equipment, which is used for playing badminton game. Shuttlecock is thrown on the opponent’s half of the field through the use of badminton racket.

What is a good sentence for shuttle?

Shuttle sentence example. Hold the shuttle ! he called before addressing her again. I’ve got a shuttle waiting for me. The fly shuttle was also apparently first introduced at Providence in 1788.

What does it mean to loom?

1 : to come into sight in enlarged or distorted and indistinct form often as a result of atmospheric conditions Storm clouds loomed on the horizon. 2a : to appear in an impressively great or exaggerated form deficits loomed large. b : to take shape as an impending occurrence the problems that loomed ahead. loom.

What is the opposite of shuttle?

What is the opposite of shuttle?

deny discourage
refuse release
retain stop
take withhold
keep secret let go

Is badminton and shuttle same?

The difference between badminton and a shuttlecock is that badminton is the sport, and the shuttlecock is the object it is played with. A shuttlecock is like a ball in tennis or ping pong that is made from feathers or plastic. For example, shuttlecocks such as Yonex Mavis 35 are used to play badminton.

What is badminton shuttlecock made of?

It has 16 goose feathers, sits on a stump of Portuguese cork and flies at up to 300 miles per hour, which makes the badminton shuttlecock one of the more curious pieces of sports equipment to be found anywhere.

What is shuttle in textile?

shuttle, In the weaving of cloth, a spindle-shaped device used to carry the crosswise threads (weft) through the lengthwise threads (warp). Not all modern looms use a shuttle; shuttleless looms draw the weft from a nonmoving supply.

What does shuttle mean in badminton?

Also called shuttle. the object that is struck back and forth in badminton and battledore, consisting of a feathered cork head and a plastic crown.