What does it mean if a guy calls you a party girl?

What does it mean if a guy calls you a party girl?

party girl in American English 1. a girl or woman who is interested in little else besides attending parties. 2. a physically attractive young woman hired to attend parties and entertain men.

What’s another word for party girl?

What is another word for party girl?

partygoer partier
guest socialite
socializer party animal
carouser raver
pleasure seeker social butterfly

What does it mean when someone calls you a party?

1. 1. The definition of a party is a gathering of people to have a good time or celebrate an occasion, or a group who do things together or a group of people who share the same political ideals.

What party boy means?

noun. A (young) man who is a keen and frequent partygoer; (hence) one with a hedonistic lifestyle.

What definition of party is most familiar to you?

1 : a person or group taking one side of a question, dispute, or contest The parties in the lawsuit reached an agreement. 2 : a group of persons organized for the purpose of directing the policies of a government political parties with opposing agendas.

What is a party animal mean?

: a person who enjoys going to parties and drinking a lot of alcohol and behaving in a loud and wild way.

What’s another word for party animal?

Synonyms for Party animal:

  • party pooper,
  • guest of honor,
  • invitee,
  • partygoer,
  • socialite,
  • man-about-town,
  • reveler.

What does it mean if someone says do you like to party?

a. intransitive. To give a party; to attend a party; to have a good time. In extended use: to take drugs or drink alcohol (usually with others in a social context).

What does hedonistic mean in English?

devoted to the pursuit of pleasure
Definition of hedonistic : devoted to the pursuit of pleasure : of, relating to, or characterized by hedonism a hedonistic lifestyle a city known for its wild, hedonistic nightlife The unabashedly hedonistic Allen pursued the good life for two or three years after leaving Microsoft.—

Can a party be one person?

A party is a individual or group of individuals that compose a single entity which can be identified as one for the purposes of the law.