What does a location scout do in film?

What does a location scout do in film?

In film production, location scouting is finding places to shoot commercials, television shows, or movies. A location manager (or scout) searches for interior or exterior venues to serve as the setting for scenes depicted in a script. Location scouting is an important part of the preproduction process.

How much does a film location scout make?

The salary for a Location Scout varies based on the production budget. The national average for a Location Scout’s yearly salary is $86,100. One can expect a salary range from $45,000 to $165,000 in this position.

How much is a location scout?

The traditional mode of operation is to hire a location scout for $500-$800/day to directly source private home locations geared toward the creative specs of the particular project.

What is the difference between a location manager and a location scout?

The assistant locations manager assists the location manager by managing the current set while the location manager preps the next location. The location scout is the first to scout locations, photograph them, and report their findings back to the location manager.

What does it mean to burn a location in film?

“Burned Location” – Any location (house, restaurant, park etc.) that will not allow filming due to previous unresolved problems with film productions.

Why is location scouting important?

Location selection is one of the most important aspects of a successful production. Finding the perfect location takes time and a good amount of professional research. Location scouts get the opportunity to cast locations that match both the script and the vision of the Director.

What is the first step to location scouting and why is that important?

You should always begin location scouting by assessing your production’s contacts. Do you know anyone who controls a filming location that might suit your production? Remember that most people don’t know how to plan a movie shoot. So when you ask to film on their property, most won’t know what it entails.

Who Finds location filmed?

location scout
A location scout works with the film’s pre-production team to find the most suitable place to shoot. Generally speaking, they’ll start by reading the script and/or screenplay. They will then work under the direction of the film’s production unit to find an area that will bring the film to life.

What is a saturation release?

A saturation release, or saturation booking, represents a plan to release a film in multiple markets, potentially every market of the country, simultaneously. The release is accompanied by an incredibly large marketing and advertising campaign.