What can you do with Tupperware lids?

What can you do with Tupperware lids?

while doing craft projects. Put a plastic lid under your hot glue gun to catch drips. Use large plastic lids as food dishes for small pets….

  1. Place plastic lids between delicate glassware in the dishwasher.
  2. Use a lightweight plastic lid as an indoor frisbee.
  3. Use small plastic lids as coasters.

How do I organize my storage units?

How to Organize a Storage Unit Like a Pro

  1. Create a list of all inventory.
  2. Consider storing items inside clear bins instead of cardboard boxes.
  3. Disassemble furniture and store items upright.
  4. Store large, heavy items on the bottom towards the back.
  5. Place items you need more frequently towards the front.
  6. Remember to go vertical.

Where is the best place to store Tupperware in the kitchen?

10 Clever Ways to Organize Tupperware and Food Storage Containers

  1. Stack Lids Vertically in a Plate Rack.
  2. Use Book Bins as Dividers.
  3. Keep Lids in Check with Tension Rods.
  4. Separate Lids and Containers with Drawer Dividers.
  5. Use Pegboard to Keep Containers in Place.
  6. Store Lids in a Hidden Magazine Rack.
  7. Hack a Cereal Box.

How do you organize Tupperware in a deep drawer?

Utilize Drawer Dividers If your Tupperware lives in a drawer, you can keep that drawer extremely organized by utilizing dividers to keep lids and containers separate. You can also use the dividers to keep containers of different sizes separate so things don’t mix together and create a mess.

What can I do with Tupperware without lids?

When the Tupperware’s lids are missing or broken. If the lid doesn’t match up with your container, make a point of replacing it. It’s stained and smells funky. Should you notice a weird odor and stains, put it in the recycling as it won’t regain its cause even if you disinfect it.