What Armour does AELA the Huntress wear?

What Armour does AELA the Huntress wear?

Ancient Nord Armor
Armor. Aela’s default armor is Ancient Nord Armor. If married, a copy can be purchased from her shop.

Is AELA the Huntress unkillable?

Her archery skills are a great addition to the kit of any close combat fighters who need a reliable follower. Moreover, she’s one of the more fleshed-out NPCs in the game, along with being an essential character that is unkillable.

How do you get AELA armor?


  1. Full sets may be found on dragon cultists in Forelhost during “Siege on the Dragon Cult.”
  2. The ghost encountered at Kjenstag Ruins between 4:00 AM-8:00 PM may have a full set.
  3. All pieces,aside from the helmet, may be purchased from Aela the Huntress if married, but only after trading her stronger armor.

Is AELA the Huntress a Stormcloak?

They are replaced by Stormcloak soldiers. Also according to her entry at UESP: Aela is part of the Guard Faction. There is a bug wherein due to being part of the Guard faction, Aela may behave erratically if she’s following you when beginning the Battle For Whiterun quest.

Does Aela wear heavy or light armor?

Even though Aela wears the Ancient Nordic Armor, a relatively weak Heavy Armor set, her Heavy Armor skill is, like her Block skill, fairly bad.

What race is AELA the Huntress?

Skyrim:Aela the Huntress

Aela the Huntress (RefID: 0001A697)
Race Nord Gender
Level PCĂ—1 (range=8-50) Class
RefID 0001A697 BaseID

Is Aela a Skjor?

She marries you (Or can marry you) because she isn’t in a relationship. The only conclusion I come to is the simple fact that Aela is NOT in any relationship with Skjor and they just go hunting together.

Is Aela a good follower?

A well-rounded follower, Aela, a loyal Nord werewolf, becomes available once you complete the Companions questline. Not only is she great with a bow for long-distance attacks, but she is decent enough with one-handed weapons for melee attacks.