What are volex cords used for?

What are volex cords used for?

Volex power cord products are sold to manufacturers for a broad range of electrical and electronic device, equipment and appliance applications. Whether the end-use requires frequent plugging and unplugging, or plug and forget, Volex will have the right power product solution to meet your design requirements.

What is a cord in computer?

A cable, also known as a cord, plug, or connector transmits power or data between devices or positions, which is covered in plastic by one or more wires. A power cable and data cable are the primary types of computer cables. The cable that creates communication between devices is known as a data cable.

Are computer cords interchangeable?

Power cords for desktop computers are the same. There are regional differences due to the configuration of the plugs around the world, but that is it. If you have one that works in your area of the world on one desktop, it can be freely moved to any other desktop.

What is a plug cord called?

A power cord, line cord, or mains cable is an electrical cable that temporarily connects an appliance to the mains electricity supply via a wall socket or extension cord.

Is volex a word?

As a result, the US strikes destroyed only a few radar sets: a French Volex, a P-19, and a P-15….VOLEX.

Acronym Definition
VOLEX Voluntary Auto Excess Loss (NAII call for voluntary losses over a limit set by each state)

What is a Longwell power cord used for?

Longwell cables and connectors are used by leading electronics manufacturers throughout the world. Companies like Apple, DELL, HP, Lenovo, LG and Samsung have come to rely on Longwell as a global supplier for all their cable and connectivity needs.

What are the different types of electrical cords?

Below is a short glossary of some of the different codes you will find:

  • S – Service Grade. This means the cord is 600-volt rated.
  • SJ – Junior Service. Meaning 300-Volt rated.
  • T – Thermoplastic. The wire is coated in PVC.
  • P – Parallel.
  • O – Oil-Resistant.
  • W – Weather-Resistant.
  • V – Vacuum Type.