What are the types of drilling equipment?

What are the types of drilling equipment?

5. Types of Drilling Machines:

  • Radial drilling machine.
  • Upright drilling machine.
  • Automatic drilling machine.
  • Multiple Spindle drilling machine.
  • Deep hole drilling machine.
  • Sensitive drilling machine.
  • Portable drilling machine.
  • Gang drilling machine.

Which one is a part of rotary drilling system?

The basic rotary drilling system consists of four groups of components – the prime movers, hoisting equipment, rotating equipment and circulating equipment – that all combine to make rotary drilling possible.

What is the name of the drilling machine?

The drilling machine is commonly called a drill press and is responsible for drilling various sizes of holes in any surface area and to precise depths. Aside from the fact the drilling machine is used primarily in drilling holes, there are a few other functions that the drilling machine is capable of performing.

What is the difference between percussion and rotary drilling?

In percussion drilling, a heavy bit is repeatedly lifted and dropped, progressively boring through the earth. In rotary drilling, the drilling results from the continuous scraping of the bit under constant pressure.

What is mud rotary drilling?

Mud rotary drilling is an open hole, fluid based recirculatory method of drilling. The bore hole is advanced in rock and/or sediments by rapid rotation of a drill bit mounted at the end of drill rods.

What are the two types of drilling technique for soil?

Hopefully, you now have an understanding about the five major drilling methods: direct push technology (DPT), hollow stem auger, sonic, rotary and wireline coring.

What is the kelly bushing?

1. n. [Drilling] An adapter that serves to connect the rotary table to the kelly. The kelly bushing has an inside diameter profile that matches that of the kelly, usually square or hexagonal. It is connected to the rotary table by four large steel pins that fit into mating holes in the rotary table.

Which engine is used to run the rotary drilling?

Rotation is provided by a hydraulic or an electric motor, and rotation speeds often vary from 50 to 120 rpm. Compressed air is often used to discharge cuttings from the bottom of the hole.