What are the seven conditions of use in construction?

What are the seven conditions of use in construction?

Construction Terms and Conditions


What is GC in construction terms?

Most people are aware of the term General Contractor (GC). The GC is the main contractor who is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of a construction site and hiring of the subcontractors and suppliers for a project.

Who is responsible for construction means and methods?

“Contractor shall be solely responsible for the means, methods, techniques, sequences, and procedures of construction.

What is construction contract acceptance?

Under the common law of contracts, upon final acceptance, the owner takes control and ownership of the project and the risk of loss passes from the contractor to the owner. Final acceptance generally means acceptance of the work as completed, including any deficiencies known to exist.

How do you read a construction contract?

7 Tips to Understand Construction Contracts

  1. Read everything before signing.
  2. Ensure everything you agree to is in writing and part of the contract.
  3. Understand the indemnity clause.
  4. Understand the additional insured clause.
  5. Outline how change orders will be handled.

What is another name for contractor?


  • architect.
  • artisan.
  • constructor.
  • contractor.
  • craftsperson.
  • erector.
  • fabricator.
  • framer.

What is a GMP in construction?

GMP stands for the guaranteed maximum price. That refers to the highest amount of labor, materials and profit costs the contractor can charge the customer in the construction industry.

What is meant by construction method?

The procedures and techniques utilized during construction. These include preparation of the project site, earthmoving, foundation treatment, steel erection, concrete placement, asphalt paving, and electrical and mechanical installations.

What are building construction documents?

A set of construction documents is a set of drawings that an architect produces during the design development phase of a construction project. They serve as a project manual during the construction phase, and they assist permitting agencies and inspectors from local governments, who have to clear the project.

What is final acceptance in construction?

WHO issues change orders?

A proposal request is issued by the architect to the contractor requesting a proposal for a change, or a modification to the scope of the contract and is typically issued by the architect on behalf of the owner, or by the architect to determine the cost of a change it is contemplating or that may be required to …