What are the safest jobs in the Navy?

What are the safest jobs in the Navy?

No job in the military is totally safe as you can always be deployed to a combat role if this is your career choice.

  1. Administration and Support Jobs.
  2. Financial Management Technician.
  3. Human Resources Specialist.
  4. Shower/Laundry and Clothing Repair Specialists.
  5. Legal Jobs.
  6. Paralegal Specialist.
  7. Medical Jobs.
  8. Dental Specialist.

Which branch gets paid the most?

Marine Corps

Is it worth joining the Navy?

The Navy really is one of the best ways to get paid while seeing the world. Chances are that during a 4-year enlistment, you will deploy at least 1 time, often on a ship. Most ships stop at 4-8 ports during their deployment and some stop at even more.

Is Navy Nuke a good job?

Really depends on what you want out of the navy in general. If you think you might want to make a career out of it then nuke is a really, and I mean really, good deal for an enlisted person. Sure, you don’t get the bonuses that nukes do but you’ll be happier in the long run. They have to give bonuses for a reason.

How long is Navy boot camp?

approximately seven weeks

Is 90 a good Asvab score?

Your AFQT score is very important. If you receive a percentile score of 90, that simply means that you have scored as well or better than 90% of other test-takers. You’ll also receive a Composite Score, which is used by the military to determine which job you would be best suited for.

Has anyone ever scored a 99 on the Asvab?

The highest ASVAB score that you can receive is an AFQT score of 99 which means that you have done better than 99% of other test-takers. However, because of the difficulty on the ASVAB exam, it’s nearly impossible to ace the exam, so it is always important to strive to do your best.

What is the hardest job in the Navy?

5 Absolutely Worst Jobs In The Navy

  • Nuke (EM, MM, and ET)
  • Damage Controlman (DC)
  • Seaman (Undesignated)
  • Boatswain’s Mate (BM)
  • Hull Technician (HT)
  • Conclusion.

How much does a Navy Nuke get paid?

The typical US Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer salary is $99,085. Nuclear Submarine Officer salaries at US Navy can range from $22,369 – $175,032. This estimate is based upon 250 US Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods..

Where do navy nukes get stationed?

Naval Weapons Station Charleston

Is a 92 on the Asvab good?

When you hear someone say, “I got an 80 on my ASVAB,” that person is talking about the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score, not an overall ASVAB score….Looking at AFQT score requirements for enlistment.

Category Percentile Score Trainability
II 65–92 Excellent
III A 50–64 Above average
III B 31–49 Average

What is the highest Asvab score ever?


What is a good Asvab score for Navy?

Navy ASVAB and Education Requirements Navy recruits must score at least 35 on the AFQT. Reserve enlistment programs only require a score of 31. Like the Air Force, the Navy accepts few recruits who don’t have a high school diploma. To be considered for enlistment with a GED, you must score a minimum of 50 on the AFQT.

What Asvab score do I need for Navy nuclear program?

ASVAB Requirements for Ratings

Rating (Job) ASVAB Scores Required
NF – Nuclear Field VE+AR+MK+NAPT = 290 (with minimum 50 NAPT score) or AR+MK+EI+GS+NAPT = 290 (with minimum 50 NAPT score) or VE+AR+MK+MC = 252 (No NAPT required) or AR+MK+EI+GS = 252 (No NAPT required).
OS – Operations Specialist VE+MK+CS=157 or AR+2MK+GS=210

What jobs are in high demand in the Navy?

But if five-figure bonuses and rapid promotions sound intriguing, here are six sought-after Navy jobs you should know about.

  • Aviation Machinist’s Mate (AD)
  • Cryptologic Technicians (CT)
  • Intelligence Specialists (IS)
  • Hospital Corpsmen (HM)
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians (EOD)
  • Aviation Rescue Swimmers (AIRR)

How long is a Navy Nuke contract?

Obligation. Active duty obligation is six years. Applicants must enlist for four years and concurrently execute an agreement to extend their enlistment for 24 months to accommodate the additional training involved.

What is the easiest military branch?

Is 70 a good Asvab score?

With standard scores, the majority score is between 30 and 70. That means that a standard score of 50 is an average score and that a score of 60 is an above-average score.

How long is the Navy Nuclear Program?


How do you qualify for the Navy Nuclear Program?

A high-school diploma or equivalent is required to become an Enlisted Sailor in the nuclear operations field in the Navy. Those seeking one of these positions must be US citizens with successful completion of one year of Algebra, and who can meet eligibility requirements for a security clearance.

Is Navy intelligence hard to get into?

It isn’t hard to get at all, provided that you have graduated from high school and meet the required ASVAB scores. The only “hard” part is in passing the background check necessary to obtain a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information security clearance. The Navy needs IS recruits right now.

Which military branch is the hardest to get into?

the Air Force

How difficult is Navy Nuclear Power School?

The enlisted school has a very high academic attrition rate and is considered by many to be one of the most academically challenging schools in the U.S. military. Sailors in the nuclear ratings account for 3% of the enlisted Navy.