What are the parts of a pump?

What are the parts of a pump?

The main components in a pump are the casing, impeller, backing plate, shaft and shaft seal, and the motor adapter.

What are the parts of centrifugal pump?

The Main parts of Centrifugal Pump are:

  • Impeller. It is a wheel or rotor which is provided with a series of backward curved blades or vanes.
  • Casing.
  • Delivery Pipe.
  • Suction Pipe with Foot Valve and Strainer.

How do I read a Grundfos serial number?

Answer: The model numbers (or material numbers) as Grundfos refers to represent the inlet/outlet diameter and the head ability in metric. For example, the Magna 3 65-120 has a 50mm (1.96″) diameter and the head is 120 meters (36′ TDH).

What are the 7 major parts of a water pump?

A water pump has several small parts that join together to make one working machine. The most basic components include the hub/pulley, bearing, body/house, seal, and impeller.

What is stuffing box in pump?

A stuffing box of a pump houses a gland that compresses the packing used to seal the pumped fluid. It prevents leakage along the shaft that passes through a hole in the pump. Stuffing box reliability is critical to the condition and performance of the whole fluid sealing program.

What are the parts of a well system?

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the various key components that make up a typical residential water well system.

  • The Well Pump.
  • The Well Casing.
  • The Well Cap.
  • The Pressure Tank.
  • The Well Screen.
  • The Pitless Adapter.

How many types of submersible are there?

There are two types of submersible pumps used in lift stations. Solids handling pumps are used in larger systems that require a high flow rate, while smaller systems use grinder pumps. Properly designed pump stations are essential because they are a major investment and are also expensive to maintain.

How long do Grundfos well pumps last?

10 years
The pump of your central heating system can last a long time if it is properly installed and maintained. Typically, they keep going for at least 10 years.

How old is Grundfos pump?

The pump type as well as the manufacture date code are included on the name plate. The first two digits of the date code are the year and the last two are the week.