What are the giving keys made of?

What are the giving keys made of?

At The Giving Keys, we encourage you to embrace your word and then Pay It Forward to someone who needs it more than you when the time is right. Gold and rose gold are 14k gold plated on chain, pendant and key. Silver chain, pendant and key are all made with sterling silver.

How does the giving key work?

The Giving Keys is a pay it forward company and hand-stamps products with inspirational words like Believe, Love, Strength, or a personalized word. You’re encouraged to embrace your word then pass it on, “paying it forward” to someone you feel needs the message more than you.

What does it mean when a woman wears a key on a necklace?

good luck
In many Far East societies, keys are synonymous with good luck. Wearing a key as a pendant has become a tradition to attract positivity in your life. There’s also a universal key called a “skeleton key” which is meant to unlock anything you wish for.

What is the symbolic meaning of keys?

Keys are symbols of opening and closing. Locks and keys affect our lives in various ways. Sometimes a key means the difference between freedom and incarceration, or life and death. Keys also affect our lives in other ways; they give us security – we can lock our door and know that no one else has the key.

What does giving a key mean?

“Giving a key to your partner is more symbolic than anything these days,” she says. “It’s a sign that you both look forward to the future together and are having a good experience of the relationship. It means you will be there for each other and you both feel safe.

Where is the giving key located?

Los Angeles
The Giving Keys is a Los Angeles based company that inspires others through jewelry which serves a greater purpose.

What do 3 keys symbolize?

Keys – Three keys worn together symbolize the unlocking of the doors to health, wealth and love. Keys – Three keys worn together symbolize the unlocking of the doors to health, wealth and love.

What does a key symbolize in love?

The Key to the Heart – Keys as Symbols of Virginity Another way in which keys came to symbolise a metaphorical, as well as physical safe symbol, is the use of the key to represent access to someone’s heart.

What do three keys symbolize?