What are tall irises called?

What are tall irises called?

Bearded Iris are divided into 6 groups defined by their height and bloom period: Miniature Dwarf Bearded (MDB), Standard Dwarf Bearded (SDB), Intermediate Bearded (IB), Miniature Tall Bearded (MTB), Border Bearded (BB), Tall Bearded (TB).

What is the Tall bearded iris?

The Tall Bearded iris are the nobility of the Iris world. They have stem heights ranging from 28 to 40 inches. The tall bearded iris are gorgeous flowers that are available in all colors and make superb cut flower arrangements.

How do you take care of tall bearded iris?

Iris Growing Tips

  1. Plant them in a sunny spot in late summer. The plants need well-drained soil and at least six hours of sunlight per day.
  2. Prepare their beds.
  3. Give them room to breathe.
  4. Do not mulch.
  5. Remove seedpods that form after the blooms have faded.
  6. Prune back the foliage in the fall.
  7. Make dividing a habit.

What can I plant with tall bearded iris?

Plant them in different places, with either other Tall plants (Alliums, Delphiniums, Lupins, Foxgloves, Phlox). Use them with other smaller plants in front (Columbines, Dianthus, Cranesbill, Violas, Tulips, Lavender (dwarf varieties), or a combination of the two.

What is the tallest iris?

Iris wattii is the tallest species of all the crested irises. It has fattened, ‘bamboo-like’ stems, that has grown up to between 50–100 cm (20–39 in) tall and 1-1.5 cm wide. Although, some sources claim it can grow up to 200 cm (79 in) tall. It has 5–7 short, stout branches.

What is the difference between an iris and a bearded iris?

There are three main types of iris with rhizomes. Bearded iris have a beard. Crested iris have a crest. If your iris has neither a beard nor a crest it is a beardless iris.

Is a bearded iris A German iris?

German bearded iris (Iris germanica) is a popular, old fashioned flowering plant that you may remember from Grandma’s garden. German iris planting and division is not hard, and German iris bulbs produce beautiful flowers that include draping petals called falls.

Do bearded irises spread?

Bearded Irises Grow from Rhizomes Such plants also spread by rhizomes, and irises are no exception. While some rhizomatous plants, like bamboo, spread rapidly and even invasively, the iris spreads fairly gradually—one of its main virtues for gardeners. But, as iris rhizomes spread, they become crowded.

What is the difference between a bearded iris and a Siberian Iris?

Siberian iris flowers are smaller than bearded iris and do not have a beard. They prefer relatively acidic soil and consistent moisture, but will tolerate periods of dry weather. Japanese iris flowers are as big as an outstretched hand, with an open face and broad, ruffled falls.

How many iris can you plant together?

Plant rhizomes singly or in groups of three, 1 to 2 feet apart, depending on the size. Dig a shallow hole 10 inches in diameter and 4 inches deep.

Is there a blue iris?

Blue iris (or blue flag) blooms exuberantly in early June, the flowers lasting sometimes throughout the month. There are usually several flower stalks per plant, with the buds and blossoms (opening one at a time) held just above the sword-like leaves.