What are Monterey Bay NMS benefits and why does it matter to protect our bay?

What are Monterey Bay NMS benefits and why does it matter to protect our bay?

And that’s one reason why national marine sanctuaries, such as Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, are important. The ocean covers two-thirds of our planet, provides half the oxygen we breathe, and it supplies food, influences weather, and absorbs excess carbon from the atmosphere.

What are the benefits of establishing marine protected areas?

MPAs conserve biodiversity, enhance resilience, enhance fisheries, and act as an insurance policy if other types of fisheries management do not work. They protect and restore endangered species and ecosystems. They are sites for education and research.

Why is Monterey Bay such an important oceanic region?

The region is a global capital for ocean science and technology and Monterey Bay is among the most studied areas of the ocean. It’s also a natural setting for science-based policy solutions, thanks to a cluster of ocean conservation organizations and government agencies bordering a network of marine protected areas.

Is Monterey Bay a marine protected area?

The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) is a US Federally protected marine area offshore of California’s Big Sur and central coast.

Why is the Monterey Bay Aquarium special?

The Monterey Bay Habitats exhibit lets you look at what the local sea life is comprised of, and what kind of ecosystem they live in. Here, you and the kids can get up-close looks at local fish like white sturgeon, California halibut, and the spiny dogfish.

Why is Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary protected?

Through education, conservation, science, and stewardship, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary provides protection to its extraordinary natural and cultural resources so that nature can thrive, historic shipwrecks and artifacts remain respectfully in place, cultural connections remain strong, and careful public …

What kinds of benefits do marine protected areas offer?’?

Benefits of marine protected areas

  • Protection of biodiversity and increased productivity.
  • Increased resilience and maintenance of ecosystem services.
  • Benchmarking of environmental health.
  • Fisheries spill-over.
  • Protection of geological features or processes.
  • Protection of cultural values.

What are the three general purposes of marine protected areas?

Summary. Marine protected areas (MPAs) have been set up to protect vulnerable species and ecosystems, to conserve biodiversity and minimize extinction risk, to re-establish ecosystem integrity, to segregate uses to avoid user conflicts, and to enhance the productivity of fish and marine invertebrate populations.

What are the most important abiotic factors in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary?

ABIOTIC DATA. The ocean is influenced by abiotic factors in the air and water, and along the ocean bottom. Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is affected by ocean currents, nutrient upwelling, and El NiƱo events. The shape of the seabed and the strength of waves are also important.

What is Cal State Monterey Bay known for?

Cal State Monterey Bay is a two-time winner of the President’s Award for Higher Education Community Service, and has been named to the Community Service Honor Roll in the years it has not received the top honor. That makes us the most decorated university for service learning in the nation.

What is the human impact on Monterey Bay?

Human Impact Human uses of the sanctuary include diving, kayaking, boating, fishing, surfing, tidepooling, and wildlife viewing. Coastal tourism, agriculture, and commercial fishing are important to the regional economy, with direct links to the sanctuary.

Why was the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary established what is its purpose?

Designated in 1992, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) is a federally protected marine area offshore of California’s central coast. MBNMS was established for the purpose of resource protection, research, education and public use.