What are galenical products?

What are galenical products?

: a standard medicinal preparation (as an extract or tincture) containing usually one or more active constituents of a plant and made by a process that leaves the inert and other undesirable constituents of the plant undissolved.

What are Gelanicals?

[gah-len´ĭ-kals] (galenics [gah-len´iks]) medicines prepared according to the formulas of galen. The term is now used to denote standard preparations containing one or several organic ingredients, as contrasted with pure chemical substances.

What is galenical pharmacy?

that branch of pharmacy which relates to the preparation of medicines by infusion, decoction, etc., as distinguished from those which are chemically prepared.

What is an extract medication?

(EK-strakt) In medicine, a preparation of a substance obtained from plants, animals, or bacteria and used as a drug or in drugs.

What is crude drugs in pharmacognosy?

Crude drugs are unrefined medications in their raw or natural forms. Prior to the 1950s, every pharmacy student learned about crude drugs in pharmacognosy class. Pharmacognosy is the study of the proper horticulture, harvesting and uses of the raw medications found in nature.

What are Galenicals Slideshare?

 Definition: Galenicals – Medicines prepared according to the formulae of Galen. – A medicinal preparation composed mainly of herbal or vegetable matter. – It is prepared by extraction of crude vegetable drugs (active principles) with suitable solvent(s). –

What is elixir medication?

Elixirs are sweetened hydro-alcoholic (water and alcohol) liquids for oral use. Typically, alcohol and water are used as solvents when the drug will not dissolve in water alone. In addition to active drug, they usually contain flavouring and colouring agents to improve patient acceptance.

What is galenic laboratory?

Galenic medicinal products and administered therapies The laboratories produce liquid preparations, capsules, ointments, pessaries, and suppositories. The Project also plans to introduce multi-dose parenteral solutions.

What is fluid extract?

A “fluid extract” means an alcoholic or aqueous-alcoholic liquid containing selected active components of herbal material and obtained by percolation or maceration of the herbal material in alcohol or a water-alcohol mixture. One part of the dry herbal material is used to make 1 part of the fluid extract.

What is crude drug example?

Examples: Acacia, Agar, Benzoin, Beeswax, Cinchona, Cinnamon, Digitalis, Datura, Jalap, Kino, Ephedra, Linseed, Fennel, Mustard, Ginger, Isapagol, Nutmeg, etc. according to the drugs part are arranged (Grouped) of the plant or animal represented into organised (Cellular) drugs and unorganised ( Acellular ) drugs.

What are the types of crude drugs?

resins, fixed oils and fats, waxes, volatile oil, animal products, minerals (Solids, liquids, semi solids etc). for practical study especially when the chemical nature of the drug is not clearly understood.