What are flower sutures?

What are flower sutures?

Definition. A line of fusion (e.g., the valves of the carpels of an ovary) or a line of dehiscence (e.g., the lines along which anthers or fruits open).

What is suture explain in short?

Definition of suture (Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a strand or fiber used to sew parts of the living body also : a stitch made with a suture. b : the act or process of sewing with sutures. 2a : a uniting of parts.

What is a suture in fruit?

noun. (biology) A seamlike joint or line of articulation, such as the line of dehiscence in a dry fruit or the spiral seam marking the junction of whorls of a gastropod shell.

What suffix means suture?

rrhaphy is the medical terminology suffix meaning suture.rrhaphy.

What is another word for suture?

What is another word for suture?

closure join
stitching joint
line seam
sew stitch
connection coupling

What are sutures in the body?

​​Sutures, also known as stitches, are sterile surgical threads used to repair cuts. They are also commonly used to close incisions from surgery. Some wounds may require an alternative method like metal staples instead of sutures. It all depends on the wound.

What is sutures and example?

noun, plural: sutures. (anatomy) A line of junction or the joint between two articulating bones, especially of the skull. (surgery) A (method of) joining of the edges of a wound from injury or surgery, e.g. by sewing or stitching skin, internal organs, blood vessels, and all other tissues together.

Is pineapple a Hesperidium?

Fruit produced from each flower matures into a single mass. Examples are the pineapple, fig, mulberry, osage-orange, and breadfruit. A number of fruits in which some or the entire edible portion is not derived from ovary/ovaries are classified as accessory fruits.

What does algia mean in medical terms?

algia: Word ending indicating pain, as in arthralgia (joint pain), cephalgia (headache), fibromyalgia, mastalgia (breast pain), myalgia (muscle pain), and neuralgia (nerve pain). Derived from the Greek algos meaning pain.

What does suture mean in medical terms?

– Nylon. A natural monofilament suture. – Polypropylene (Prolene). A synthetic monofilament suture. – Silk. A braided natural suture. – Polyester (Ethibond). A braided synthetic suture.

What are the three types of suture?

Monofilament sutures include: Polypropylene sutures,Catgut,Nylon,PVDF,Stainless steel,Poliglecaprone and Polydioxanone sutures.

  • Multifilament or braided sutures include:
  • Barb sutures are usually available in:
  • What is the function of a suture?

    Sutures function as an expansion joint, which allows the bones to move during the birth process. It allows the head of the newborn to deform so that it can fit through the narrow birth canal. As the brain grows, the skull evenly expands leading to a symmetrical shape of the head.

    What does the name suture mean?

    The line, or seam, formed by the union of two margins in any part of a plant; as, the ventral suture of a legume. A line resembling a seam; as, the dorsal suture of a legume, which really corresponds to a midrib. The line at which the elytra of a beetle meet and are sometimes confluent.