What are 10 careers?

What are 10 careers?

The positions here offer a blend of high pay, job security and growth potential.Actuary. If you’re good with numbers, this is your job. Human Resource Specialist. Market Research Analyst. Epidemiologist. Occupational Therapist. Software Developer. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. Interpreters and Translators.

How will you choose a career?

Print out and keep this list of ways to pick your top career choices and take some time to go through it.Assess yourself who are you right now? Build a list of careers you want to learn more about. Create a list of 2-5 top career choices. Think about your short-term and long-term goals.

What are the best things about your job?

What do you love about your job?Collaboration. I love my job because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission. Work-Life Balance. I love that I have a great degree of control and freedom within my job. Autonomy. I like the autonomy I have because my bosses allow me to innovate. Variety. Culture. Challenge. Helping Others.

What are the top 3 things which need to be improved?

Other 18 ways to improve work performanceImprove your time management. Try to do important tasks first. Set clear goals. Improve your communication skills. Don’t try to do your own, delegate. Make use of the right tools. Give yourself down time. Encourage desk cleanliness and organization.

What attracts a person to a job?

Here are ten things that make a job awesome – and, in turn, attractive to top talent.Flexibility. Considering a reported 43 per cent of employees would choose flex hours over a pay raise, it’s definitely a coveted perk. Communication. Recognition and feedback. A challenge. Amicable coworkers. Variety. Money. Perks.

How can I attract best talent?

Follow these steps to attract and retain top talent.Know your company’s mission and values. Identify the most important skills and values for your company. Build an employee-focused culture. Consider what you can offer employees. Involve employees in recruiting. Get out and meet people. Connect online.

What makes a job satisfying for you?

A fulfilling career is not always about the paycheck. Research shows that feeling intellectually stimulated is the most important aspect of an employee’s job satisfaction. Other determinants were office friendship, work-life balance, power and influence.

What is the most rewarding job?

According to a study published by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, the most satisfying jobs in the US are:Firefighters.Education Administrators.Painter, Sculptors, Related.Teachers.Authors.Psychologists.Special Education Teachers.Operating Engineers.