Was Mutsuhiro Watanabe ever found?

Was Mutsuhiro Watanabe ever found?

In 1945, he drew up a list of the 40 most wanted war criminals in Japan. No. 23: Mutsuhiro Watanabe, alias the Bird. MacArthur never found him.

What happened to Mutsuhiro The Bird Watanabe?

After Japan’s defeat, the US Occupation authorities classified Watanabe as a war criminal for his mistreatment of prisoners of war (POWs), but he managed to evade arrest and was never tried in court….

Mutsuhiro Watanabe
Born 18 January 1918
Died April 2003 (aged 85)
Allegiance Imperial Japanese Army
Service/branch Japan

Who was Mutsuhiro Watanabe father?

The corporal’s name was Mutsuhiro Watanabe. * He was born during World War I, the fourth of six children of Shizuka Watanabe, a lovely and exceptionally wealthy woman.

Did Mutsuhiro Watanabe ever apologize?

‘When he made his apology I said I could forgive him and I stand by this. An apology can mean something and it can mean nothing but in his case it probably meant something. ‘ Zamperini, who became a born again Christian, also offered Watanabe his forgiveness.

Why did The Bird despise Louie?

The abuse weighed heavily on Louie. The Bird in Unbroken was the first thing he thought about each morning, and he fantasized about strangling his abuser. That same childhood insolence made Louie defiant, and he refused to show weakness during beatings.

Where did Mutsuhiro Watanabe live?

At the age of 27, he settled at the Tokyo Headquarters Camp. His mistreatment of the Allied officials while they were prisoners of war (POWs) may have stemmed from his hatred of officials in general.

Why did Louie forgive The Bird?

Explanation and Analysis: Louie had no idea what had become of the Bird, but he felt sure that if he could get back to Japan, he could hunt him down. This would be his emphatic reply to the Bird’s unremitting effort to extinguish his humanity: I am still a man. He could conceive of no other way to save himself.

How common is Watanabe?

It is the fifth most common Japanese surname.