Is ZRG 20mm good in Warzone?

Is ZRG 20mm good in Warzone?

The ZRG 20mm in Warzone is one of the more powerful sniper rifles to join the fray in both Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, almost guaranteeing a one shot kill anywhere except the legs.

Is the Zrg sniper good?

While it certainly has its downsides, the Warzone ZRG 20mm is fantastic and is definitely worth using, especially if you like long-range sniping (as opposed to the quick, mid-range battles dominated by the Kar98k).

How do you get the ZRG 20mm?

You can unlock the ZRG 20mm by completing an in-game challenge. Using sniper rifles, earn two Longshot medals in 15 different matches. The easiest way to earn Longshot medals is to find a sniping spot on one of the multiplayer maps.

What gun is the ZRG 20mm based off?

The ZRG 20mm is the most powerful sniper rifle ever introduced into Activision’s hit battle royale. Based on the real-life Denel NTW-20, the ZRG 20mm is the third anti-material rifle introduced into Warzone.

What sniper is the Zrg?

The ZRG 20mm is a sniper rifle designed to take out enemies from great distances, much further than the likes of the best Kar98k loadout and best Pelington 703 loadout. This weapon comes stocked with just three bullets per magazine, but each bullet is capable of downing an enemy from a single upper torso hit.

Is the ZRG 20mm the best sniper?

The ZRG 20mm is an extremely powerful Sniper Rifle, and we’ll go over the best Warzone ZRG loadout to enhance its capabilities for Season 4 of the Call of Duty battle royale. It always helps to keep your enemies at a distance when battling it out on either Verdansk ’84 or Rebirth Island.

Is the ZRG 20mm good cold war?

Season 6 of Black Ops Cold War is underway, and the ZRG 20mm sniper rifle is still proving a hit. This bolt-action rifle comes with one of the fastest bullet velocities in the category, guaranteeing a one-shot kill to the head, shoulders, torso, and stomach, making it one of the strongest snipers in the entire game.

What gun is the Zrg?

sniper rifle
The ZRG 20mm is a bolt-action sniper rifle that was added on April 7th, 2021 to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War as part of the Season Two content for the game.

Is the Zrg good Warzone?

You will first need to unlock the ZRG to use it in Warzone and Cold War. We highly recommend pairing the ZRG with one of the best SMGs in Warzone to protect yourself against flanking attacks.

Is the ZRG 20mm in Cold War?

The ZRG 20mm Sniper Rifle is the final new weapon to be added to Call of Duty: Warzone and Cold War in Season 2.