Is there a beach in nidri?

Is there a beach in nidri?

The main beach of Nidri village is a well organized place in front of several picturesque islands. If you visit Nidri or you stay in this village on your holiday, you will find Nidri beach in the north side of the village, in the direction of Lefkada town and the neighboring Perigiali.

Is nidri beach Sandy?

Nidri. Description: Nidri is one of Lefkada’s liveliest resorts with some great restaurants and bars. The pebbly-sandy beach is quite popular and very well-equipped with lidos, tavernas and bars. There are also great views over the neighbouring islands of Heloni, Scorpios, Sparti and Madouri.

What island is nidri on?

Lefkada island
Nidri, also sometimes spelt Nydri, is the businest tourist destination on Lefkada island.

Which side of Lefkada has the best beaches?

In general, beaches on the western side of the island are the most impressive ones due to their deep blue color. You will find below a list of the best beaches in Lefkada island. Except for the beaches, discover the best villages and things to do & see in Lefkada.

How do you get to Lefkada Greece?

You can reach Lefkada by ferry only from Ithaki, Kefalonia and Meganisi. Ferries arrive either on the port on Nidri or on Vasiliki port. Apart from using the public means of transport, the best way to reach easily and quickly your destination from any of these ports is by car or by taxi.

Which sea is Lefkada?

Ionian Sea
Lefkada (Greek: Λευκάδα, Lefkáda, [lefˈkaða]), also known as Lefkas or Leukas (Ancient Greek and Katharevousa: Λευκάς, Leukás, modern pronunciation Lefkás) and Leucadia, is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea on the west coast of Greece, connected to the mainland by a long causeway and floating bridge.

How many beaches does Lefkada have?

Discover our guide to 22 beautiful Lefkada beaches.

How do I get to Lefkada from airport?

Lefkada Airport The closest airport to Lefkada island is the airport of Aktion/Preveza, about 25 km from Lefkada Town. This airport works only in summer and receives charter flights from abroad and few charters from other Greek islands. From the airport in Aktion, you can go to Lefkada by taxi or rental car.

How do I fly to Lefkada?

Preveza is the closest airport to Lefkada. You can fly to Preveza via Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport (ATH) and other Greek airports from many cities in the world. Preveza – Aktion Airport is located 20km from Lefkada, 6.7 km from Preveza, and 65km from Parga.

What sea is between Greece and Italy?

Ionian Sea, Latin Mare Ionium, Italian Mare Ionio, part of the Mediterranean Sea, lying between Albania (northeast), Greece (east), Sicily (southwest), and Italy (west and northwest).