Is Steve guilty in Monster?

Is Steve guilty in Monster?

In the novel Monster, the jury finds James King guilty of felony murder, but the narrator and protagonist, Steve Harmon, not guilty. In her closing statement, Steve’s lawyer, O’Brien, tells the jury that Steve is not guilty.

Did Steve Harmon go to jail?

James King is found guilty, while Steve is found not guilty. As Steve moves to hug O’Brien, she turns away, leaving Steve to question why. The end of the novel takes place five months after Steve has been cleared of all charges and released from prison.

What was Steve’s role in the crime?

Steve Harmon is accused of felony murder alongside James King, and he tells the story of his difficult experience in jail while he is on trial for his life throughout the novel.

What does split screen mean?

A split screen is a display technique in computer graphics that consists of dividing graphics and/or text into adjacent (and possibly overlapping) parts, typically as two or four rectangular areas.

Who killed Mr Nesbitt in Monster?

Alguinaldo Nesbitt was the owner of a Harlem drugstore who was murdered during an attempted robbery, allegedly by Bobo Evans and James King.

What do the two lawyers Petrocelli and Briggs focus on when they question Mrs Lorelle Henry?

Petrocelli tries to show that the testimony of her witnesses is accurate. Briggs questions Miss Henry’s testimony that she saw James King in the drug store on the day of robbery.

Why is Steve innocent in Monster?

Reason 4. We know Steve Harmon is innocent because there’s no proof he was in the drugstore that day, he knew better then to mess up his future and to trust people he barely knew and finally that the guys on trial were using him so they could get a shorter sentence.

Who called Steve a monster?

Sandra Petrocelli

What is the significance of the four way split screen montage?

Notes. The four-way montage of testimony is a very creative technique, which shows Steve’s imagination and potential as a writer. This reinforces the poignancy of such a creative young man being on trial for murder.

What can be determined from Steve’s actions?

What can be determined from Steve’s actions? He loves his parents dearly. He feels very worried. He is not very thirsty.

Why isn’t Briggs putting King on the stand in his own defense?

Who does Briggs call as King’s first defense witness? Why isn’t Briggs going to put King on the stand in his own defense? The prosecution can prove King lied when he said he didn’t know Bobo. According to O’Brien, when to closing arguments win court cases?

What is the use of split screen?

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Why did Steve Harmon go to jail?

Steve is a 16-year-old black kid from Harlem charged with felony murder for his involvement in a botched robbery that ended in Mr. Nesbitt’s death.

Why does Obrien want Steve to testify?

Why does O’Brien want Steve to testify? O’Brien wants Steve to testify so he can tell his side of the story and showcase him as a person. King can’t testify because he already made a statement to the police saying he didn’t know Bobo Evans, and the prosecutor can prove he is lying.