Is Sprint airave discontinued?

Is Sprint airave discontinued?

He called to exchange the Airave for another one last night and was informed that the Airave 3 was discontinued on March 5th, and that Sprint is encouraging customers to use Wi-Fi calling only now.

What does Sprint airave do?

The Sprint AIRAVE is a personal base station that provides enhanced voice and 3G mobile broadband coverage for your Sprint CDMA devices (phones, hotspots, tablets and modems). The AIRAVE uses your broadband Internet connection to route calls to the Sprint Nationwide Network.

How do I know if my phone is connected to AIRAVE?

How do I know my phone is connecting through the AIRAVE? By dialing *99 on your wireless phone, an audio message will confirm if you are in range of the AIRAVE.

How do I know if my Sprint Airave is working?

Dial *99 on any Sprint phone. You should hear a message that says “You are now within AIRAVE coverage.” Note: You will hear three short beeps when placing or answering calls on your wireless phone if you are within range of the AIRAVE.

What is a sprint AIRAVE 3 LTE?

1. Introduction. The AIRAVE 3 LTE is an indoor small cell intended for use by small to medium size businesses. The device contains an S1000 coupled with the CDMA FAP (cFAP) in a single enclosure. The combination of the S1000 and cFAP allows both data and voice capability in a single offering.

How do I connect my magic box?

The MagicBox will be automatically connected with the last paired Bluetooth device. The best way is to hold and press the play/pause button for more than 5 seconds to disconnect the previous Bluetooth connection at first and try it again.

Is AIRAVE free?

We found that it worked as promised. The Airave costs $99.99, while the service will cost you an additional $4.99 a month.

Does AIRAVE need wifi?

AIRAVE requires a constant power and broadband Internet connection to operate.

Does Sprint AIRAVE work with 4g LTE?

Yes. The AIRAVE 3 & 4 provides enhanced LTE coverage as well as voice coverage.