Is Queen Mary a good university?

Is Queen Mary a good university?

World-class education Queen Mary is one of the 24 prestigious Russell Group universities and is recognised each year as one of the top universities in the UK and across the world. We are currently 13th in the UK, and 110th in the world in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings.

What part of London is Queen Mary University?

Queen Mary has five campuses across East and Central London in Mile End, Whitechapel, Charterhouse Square, Lincoln’s Inn Fields and West Smithfield, as well as an international presence in China, France, Greece and Malta….Queen Mary University of London.

Coat of arms
Motto Latin: Coniunctis Viribus

Does QMUL have a campus?

Our main campuses are at Mile End and Whitechapel. Mile End is home to most of our humanities, social science and science and engineering students. Medicine and dentistry students are largely based at Whitechapel and Charterhouse Square, with some teaching at our West Smithfield and Mile End campuses.

How many campuses does QMUL have?

five campuses
Queen Mary has five campuses in London, all of which are well connected to a range of public transport, including the London Underground system, with central London just minutes away.

How big is QMUL?

We have over 31,000 students on degree programmes and close to 4,500 members of staff. Our students are drawn from over 170 nationalities: approximately 41 per cent are from overseas.

What campus is psychology Queen Mary?

Queen Mary University of London
Psychology – Queen Mary University of London.

Is Queen Mary better than City University of London?

QMUL is way better than City University. But if you dont want to wait for a year then you can go there. why dont you look at universities like Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh, Durham, Nottingham or Leeds. These universities are better than City for LLM.

Is QMUL good for business?

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) is one of 24 leading universities represented by the Russell Group, that are committed to maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching and learning experience, excellent graduate employability and unrivalled links with business and the public sector.

How do I contact Charterhouse Square?

Charterhouse Square – Dawson Hall, Front Entrance. Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 6020 In case of emergency the Security Service can be contacted on: +44 (0)20 7882 5000 or +44 (0)20 7882 3333.

How do I contact QMUL housing services?

We always advise you to email us rather than call, allowing us to provide a comprehensive response, that you retain for your reference, due to the complexity of response required. Email: [email protected] For enquiries and advice about privately rented accommodation: +44 (0)20 7882 6473

What buildings are on the Charterhouse Square campus?

The images below show some of the buildings on our Charterhouse Square campus including Dean Rees House, the John Vane Science Centre, William Harvey Research Institute, and the Wolfson Institute.

How do I contact Queen Mary University of London?

Queen Mary University of London Mile End Road London E1 4NS +44 (0) 20 7882 5555 Follow us: Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube