Is Nina davuluri Indian?

Is Nina davuluri Indian?

Davuluri was born on April 20, 1989, in Syracuse, New York, into a Telugu family from India. Her mother is an Information technology specialist, her father was a gynecologist, and her sister is a doctor.

Where is Nina davuluri born?

Syracuse, NYNina Davuluri / Place of birth

Who was Miss America 2014?

Nina DavuluriMiss America 2014 / Winner

Who Won Miss America 2013?

Mallory HaganMiss America 2013 / Winner

What was Miss Alaska 2021 talent?

Broyles is a Service High School graduate and currently in her junior year at the Honors College at Arizona State University where she’s majoring in biomedical studies and minoring in voice performance, a talent she showcased when she sang “Let Me Be Your Star” from the NBC musical program Smash.

What ethnicity is Miss Alaska 2021?

Emma Broyles’ father is Caucasian while her mother is Korean, making Emma Broyles half-Korean and a Korean-American.