Is Nikon D5300 a good camera?

Is Nikon D5300 a good camera?

The Nikon D5300 is definitely the best budget DSLR you’ll ever hold in your hands. it’s light, it’s compact, and, it has an amazing image quality even in poor lighting at high ISO.

How far does a 70 300mm lens zoom?

The bottom line – on a crop frame camera a 70-300mm zoom (Canon, Nikon, Sony) will get you pretty good coverage from 15 yards to 56 yards away, the ‘sweet spot’ for outdoor sports.

Is the D5300 a 4K?

The D5300 is a lovely sensor and image processor wrapped up in a very uninspiring DSLR shaped box just like all the others. The D5300 comes into a world where video enthusiasts are shooting 4K on Panasonic consumer cameras and ProRes on revolutionary Blackmagic cameras for $999.

Is Nikon D5300 discontinued?

Since it first launched in 2015, the Nikon D5300 has been superseded by the D5500 and D5600.

Is D5300 a full frame camera?

Body Elements. The D5300 is based around a 24 MP DX-format CMOS sensor. It has a 1.5x ‘crop factor’, which means that an 18mm lens offers a similar angle of view to a 27mm lens on the 35mm ‘full frame’ format.

Is Nikon D5300 an entry level camera?

Nikon’s D5300 is an entry-level digital SLR camera that will suit those of you looking to make the leap to a more advanced camera than a compact or smartphone camera. It can be a versatile shooter as long as you have the right lenses, and it’s available in twin lens kits that offer good value for money.

What is 300mm zoom equivalent to?

At 300mm the lens will have the equivalence of a 450mm lens on a 35mm film camera or Nikon FX (Full Frame) digital camera. Many P&S cameras will say they have a 8x or 12x zoom, that just means that the longest focal length is 8x or 12x longer than the widest focal length.

How do you zoom on a Nikon camera?

Steps for setting up Zoom Call using Nikon DSLR as webcam Connect your camera to the PC via USB cable. Open Ecamm Live/ equivalent software in your laptop and allow it to access your camera’s video feed. Select the virtual webcam option and use it as a webcam for your next Zoom call.