Is maraetai tidal?

Is maraetai tidal?

The tidal coefficient today is 79, a high value and therefore the range of tides and currents will also be high. At noon the tidal coefficient drops to 72. The day ends with a tidal coefficient of 64. The heights today are 0.5 m, 3.2 m, 0.4 m and 3.2 m referenced to Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW).

What is the tide in Beachlands?

The tide is currently falling in Beachlands Beach. As you can see on the tide chart, the highest tide of 4.7m will be at 11:45pm and the lowest tide of 0.7m will be at 4:52pm.

What are the times for the 2 high tides in Indian Harbour beach today?

Tide times for Indian Harbour Beach

Day Tide times for Indian Harbour Beach
1st Tide 3rd Tide
Fri 25 2:14am ▲ 3.28 ft 2:24pm ▲ 2.95 ft
Sat 26 3:27am ▲ 3.28 ft 3:41pm ▲ 2.95 ft
Sun 27 4:38am ▲ 3.28 ft 4:55pm ▲ 3.28 ft

What is the highest tide in Vancouver?

Today’s tide times for Vancouver: Friday 04 March 2022

Tide Time (PST)& Date Height
High Tide 7:05 AM(Fri 04 March) 15.58 ft (4.75 m)
Low Tide 1:22 PM(Fri 04 March) 6.82 ft (2.08 m)
High Tide 6:53 PM(Fri 04 March) 13.45 ft (4.1 m)

What time is high tide in Auckland?


High 5:29 AM 3.20m
Low 11:31 AM 0.80m
High 5:50 PM 3.10m
Low 11:54 PM 0.70m

What time is high tide in Kawakawa Bay?


KAWAKAWA BAY February, 2022
15 Tue 6:48 am 8:17 pm 77 high
16 Wed 6:49 am 8:15 pm 84 high
17 Thu 6:50 am 8:14 pm 89 high

What is a king tide in BC?

Read more: King tide: Vancouver wants your ‘sunken’ city photos to highlight sea level rise. King Tides, which tend to be more pronounced in winter, occur when the sun and moon’s gravitational forces reinforce each other — periods when the moon is closest to the Earth.

How often do king tides occur in Vancouver BC?

The king tide is the highest predicted high tide of the year at a coastal location. It is above the highest water level reached at high tide on an average day. WHEN IS A KING TIDE? King tides are a normal occurrence once or twice every year in coastal areas.

What time is full tide in Auckland tomorrow?

Today’s tide times for Auckland: Saturday 19 March 2022

Tide Time (NZDT)& Date Height
Low Tide 2:48 AM(Sat 19 March) 1.94 ft (0.59 m)
High Tide 9:06 AM(Sat 19 March) 10.43 ft (3.18 m)
Low Tide 3:12 PM(Sat 19 March) 2.03 ft (0.62 m)
High Tide 9:36 PM(Sat 19 March) 10.3 ft (3.14 m)

What time is low tide at Kawakawa Bay?

Monday 21 March 2022, 6:21AM NZDT (GMT +1300). The tide is currently rising in Kawakawa. As you can see on the tide chart, the highest tide of 2.6m will be at 10:52am and the lowest tide of 0.4m will be at 5:55pm.