Is LeapFILE safe?

Is LeapFILE safe?

LeapFILE is also compliant with widely-accepted security and privacy standards and regulations, such as SOC 2 and HIPAA. LeapFILE is committed to helping customers become GDPR-compliant!

How much does LeapFILE cost?

LeapFILE pricing starts at $10.00 per feature, per month. They do not have a free version. LeapFILE offers a free trial.

Who owns LeapFILE?

Peter Chang
Peter Chang. Peter Chang is the founder and CEO of Oxygen Cloud. After successfully creating LeapFILE, Peter started Oxygen in 2010 with the vision to redefine how companies use and manage content by leveraging the cloud.

What is LeapFILE net?

LeapFILE is a provider of cloud-based secure file transfer and virtual file systems. The solutions enable business end-users to collaborate, share files and access disparate file sources from an aggregated virtual file system, while providing IT administrators with control and end-to-end compliance.

How do you use LeapFILE?

Fill Out Your Form Online, then Print, Sign and Upload to LeapFILE Using Your Phone. Use your computer/laptop to fill out and print your form and then upload your documents to the Health Benefits Plan using your smartphone.

How do you send a LeapFILE?

How can someone upload or send files to me?

  1. Click ‘Secure Upload” and type the recipient email address of the LeapFILE user (your email address).
  2. The Sender must enter their contact information (name and email address) then click the “Select files to send (Regular Upload)” button to attach the file(s) to be sent.

How do I add LeapFILE to Outlook?

If the LeapFILE add-in is not listed in the Outlook “COM Add-Ins” section, you can manually add it to the list. To do this click “Go…” for “COM Add-Ins” select the “Add…” option. Select “OK” and the LeapFILE Add-in will be added to the “COM Add-Ins” list.

How do I open a LeapFILE file?

If you are a returning or existing user, just login into the LeapFILE site directly. Enter your full email address and password. You will be taken to the “Start” page of your account….

  1. Locate the portal you would like to view in your Portals page.
  2. Click on Guest Access below the portal you would like to grant access to.

How much does leapfile cost?

Starting from $150 Per month/user. LeapFILE is a file delivery and exchange solution for businesses of all sizes. Its capabilities include file storage, file sharing portals, security, and others.

What is leapfile?

What is LeapFile? What is LeapFile? LeapFile is an advanced and secure file transfer system that eliminates common sharing problems such as size limitations, compromised security, and IT overhead.

Why choose leapfile for file exchange?

One of the most distinctive reasons to choose LeapFile is moderate pricing, made to suit the needs of both startups and small enterprises. At the same time, the system is well integrated with the essential apps for file exchange, including Microsoft Office, Outlook, Thunderbird, and Groupwise.