Is Lawrenceville a high school?

Is Lawrenceville a high school?

Lawrenceville High School is a 9th–12th grade high school located in Lawrenceville, Illinois….

Lawrenceville High School
Grades 9–12
Gender coeducational
Enrollment 319 (2018–19)
Student to teacher ratio 11.47

Is Lawrenceville need blind?

Our scholarship aid program extends beyond tuition, room, and board, providing opportunities to fully engage in the Lawrenceville experience. This includes a Harkness travel program, on-campus activities, and more. Approximately one third of our students receive need-based financial aid.

Is Lawrenceville a good school?

Lawrenceville School has some of the best academics at the high school level in the country, primarily due to the quality of the faculty and class size.

What is the acceptance rate for Peddie?

The school is also extremely selective, with an acceptance rate of 22%. As of the 2017–18 school year, the school had an enrollment of 551 students and 78.5 classroom teachers (on an FTE basis), for a student–teacher ratio of 7:1.

What is unique about Lawrenceville?

Lawrenceville’s most distinguishing features are its House system and its conference-table classrooms. Both give Lawrenceville, a large school of extensive educational and extracurricular opportunities, the inflection of a much smaller, more personal school.

Is Lawrenceville SSAT optional?

9th and 10th grade candidates are required to submit any State, county or district standardized test, SSAT or ISEE scores they have already taken, or plan to take. 11th grade candidates must submit the results of the SSAT, PSAT, SAT, or ACT….Application Requirements.

Part 2
Optional Forms N/A

What is Lawrenceville school known for?

What makes Lawrenceville unique from other boarding schools is definitely its house and harkness method. Harkness is especially unique because it allows for students to everyday engage critically with the text they are reading and. . . One of the most notable aspects of Lawrenceville is the house system.

Why is Lawrenceville School Special?

Lawrenceville offers its students an education that not only prepares them for college but also teaches them to be active, thoughtful members of society. Lawrenceville’s most distinguishing features are its House system and its conference-table classrooms.