Is kudos and congratulations the same?

Is kudos and congratulations the same?

“Kudos,” “well-done,” and other words of praise are forms of congratulations, or an expression of approval and acclaim. Congratulations are expressed for good wishes on a special occasion, not just an accomplishment.

What does kudos to someone mean?

Definition of kudos 1 : praise given for achievement. 2 : fame and renown resulting from an act or achievement : prestige.

Is it OK to say kudos?

Instead, kudos can be applied as a way to compliment or congratulate someone one a job well done. Kudos for that witty statement! Great job on acing that exam — kudos to you!

How do I use the word kudos?

Kudos sentence example

  1. He received kudos of approval from the intelligentsia.
  2. I believe she deserves kudos for just putting up with some of the drama that comes with her job.
  3. More kudos must go to Jack Emery who played Ralph.
  4. Kudos to her for not being afraid to show it through her hair style.

Why We Use kudos instead of congratulations?

Kudos means “praise” or “glory” and is often used where “congratulations” would fit too. It comes directly from Greek and is singular—singular! —just as the words praise and glory are singular.

Can I say kudos to the team?

“Thanks for creating such a positive experience for all our seminar attendees! Your praise is on everyone’s lips!” “I really appreciate the excellent job you did in diffusing that challenging situation at the team meeting last week! Kudos!”

How do you say kudos to a team?

4 Kudos examples for large businesses

  1. “You are so good at being the first one in every morning! Your positive attitude makes my day!”
  2. “Excellent work on that appreciation letter! You add so much to the management team.”
  3. “I absolutely love your email templates.
  4. “Wow!

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What can I say instead of kudos?

In this page you can discover 34 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for kudos, like: credit, honor, acclaim, praise, admiration, esteem, acclamation, panegyric, fame, glory and prestige.

How do you congratulate someone using kudos?

Kudos is originally Greek and means praise or glory. It kind of means “The universe believes you deserve respect! And I agree!” We usually use it when we want to congratulate someone on something they’ve achieved — usually through hard work or a job well done.

Why is giving kudos important?

What are kudos and why are they important? Giving kudos – or recognizing your people for their achievements – is the highest driver of employee satisfaction and retention. According to Gallup, “employees who do not feel adequately recognized are twice as likely to say they’ll quit in the next year.”

What do you say in kudos?

Here are some small-business Kudos example sentences that might fit on your Kudos wall, or send them with social media: “I’ve been getting so many compliments on our customer service lately. Thank you for your hard work and for always going the extra mile!”

What is the origin of the word kudos?

usage: kudos entered English in the 19th century as a singular noun, a transliteration of a Greek singular noun meaning “praise or renown.” Used largely in university circles, it became popular among journalists in the 1920s, esp. for headlines: Playwright receives kudos.

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How do you use Kudo in a sentence?

Examples of kudo in a Sentence. an honorary degree from her alma mater that is simply the latest kudo for an outstanding career in journalism a kudo is in order for the way the young people acquitted themselves at their first formal dance.

Is’Kudo’a word?

Is kudo a word?: Usage Guide. Some commentators hold that since kudos is a singular word it cannot be used as a plural and that the word kudo is impossible. But kudo does exist; it is simply one of the most recent words created by back-formation from another word misunderstood as a plural.